There has always been a debate about, which email marketing software is the best in the market? The answer actually lies in the fact that does the particular software offer features to suit your needs, and has capability to product anticipated results? Email is an ever evolving industry, a lot has changed in the past years and more changes will come in the way of this versatile marketing channel.  There are several email automation tools and marketing software with standard functionality, but only few of them extents their structure with more advance features. Let’s take a look at some of the features inevitable for email marketing success, and evaluate does your email marketing software offer them?

Easy-to-use Visual Editor

When trying to search the ways to engage your current subscribers and prospects, you will certainly realize one common suggestion of sending email newsletters and well thought out promotions. The phase of designing part of your email newsletters and promotions comes before the sending part of it. So how easy it is for you to create a new email campaign with striking visuals using your current email marketing app, or the one you are about to purchase?

Email newsletters and designed promotional email offers don’t last for years like your website design, it requires changes and novelty every time you decide to reach your subscribers, and you perhaps need to reach your subscribers/ prospects more often. Do you always depend on a designer to redesign your theme and make necessary updates? Or your preferred software has some arrangements to make you more resourceful, in terms of visual editing. The questions need to be addressed before you finalized your choice of an email application. Most valuable of these aspects are.

Predesigned, Editable Industry Specific Email Templates

  • Integrated Visual Editor
  • Easily Edit the HTML Code
  • Ability to Insert New Images, Links, Tables etc…
  • Select Desired Font Family for Text Content
  • Easily Edit Prewritten Content and Images
  • Optimized across Major Email Clients

Visual Editor with Dropdown Options to Insert Images, Links, Anchors, Tables, Choose Font Family and Several Other Options 

Visual Editor



Abundance of data makes personalization almost inevitable for the brands. Personalized email content can be the most vital strategy to increase subscriber’s engagement with your content.  Moreover, personalization had proved to increase unique open rates and unique click rates to a significant percentage. But you always need to know the extent you can personalize your email content using your email program.

From basic name personalization to advance behavioral triggers, you need to consider every aspect of personalization, when delving for the best email marketing software. Some of the notable personalization techniques that you can look for are in the following list.

  • Name Personalization (First Name & Last Name)
  • Personalize using Custom Variables
  • Ability to Create Dynamic and Personalized Content for Particular Users
  • Action Based and Behavioral Trigger based Personalization

An Example of Email Content Personlization with Name

Email Personalization Example


Automation and Scheduled Sending

Can you schedule your emails to send in the later dates? You may be, it’s like the standard function for majority email marketing programs.  But when we say email automation, it takes us closer to the advance capabilities of the software to setup custom criteria and conditions for the subscribers to receive email.

Standard auto-responders aren’t the only option of the email automation, automated email workflows, lead nurturing campaigns, behavioral and action based triggers, automated anniversary messages and birthday emails, welcome email series to strengthen your relationship with new customers/subscribers and countless other options can be explored with email automation tools. Don’t neglect this powerful automation aspect in your preferred email marketing software.

  • Action Based Triggers to Send Email when Subscriber Performs Particular Action
  • Nurture Leads; ensure Cross-Sale and Up-Sale with Behavioral Triggers
  • Automated Emails on Anniversaries and Birthday
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • Welcome Email Series

Autoresponder with custom criteria for the contact to qualify 

Email Automation Tools


Detailed Analytics and Reporting

After you finish your campaign, you certainly will be interested to know, how many emails are actually landed in the inbox, how many of your subscribers have opened the emails and how many have clicked the link within your email campaign. You are not only required to evaluate the success rate, you are also concerned to know about the weaknesses, like collecting, categorizing and processing of the non-delivery reports,  and number of contacts decided to unsubscribe from your mailing.

As scalability holds the key importance to measure your success rate, therefore, besides the general level reporting and analysis, it is always good to look for the software that offers advance monitoring of sent campaigns to be able to collect information such as, Geographical Tracking of your email opens and click to know where the most interested folk resides. Some of the metrics your software should be tracking.

  • General Summary and Report
  • Open Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Well Categorized Bounced (Hard/Soft)
  • Unsubscribed Contacts
  • Complainants
  • Geographical Monitoring of Opens/Clicks

Analytical Summary with Detailed Tabs 

Email Marketing Stats and Reports



List segmentation matters, not in few, but in almost all the success stories of email marketing world, you will note this pattern of implementing some strategy for better segmentation of email contacts. Every blogger, email guru and marketing consultant is the vocal advocate email list segmentation. As being that much largely used term, you will notice all marketing software has some sought of segmentation option available to offer.

Beyond the standard segmentation, one needs to look into the detailed option that the software offers in terms of data segmentation, as sensibly segmenting the email list can guarantee 208 percent of higher conversion rates. Here I’ve some clues about the segmentation options you can search for.

  • Segment by Custom Fields
  • Segment by Email Verification Status
  • Segment by Email Delivery Status
  • Segment by Accounting Logs (Opened/Clicked/ Bounced and Unsubscribed)
  • Segment by Common Attribute Email Contains or Doesn’t Contain
  • Segment between Dates
  • Segment by Trigger’s Activity

Multiple Options to Segment Contacts 

List Segmentation