A few days ago we featured a blog covering Campaigns and Amazon SES under “Mumara Featured Integration” a series in which we are focusing 3rd party integrations that Mumara apps offer. In response to that blog, we have received multiple questions and most of these questions are referring to pricing and cost involves in using the setup, especially focusing on Amazon costs. As a result, I’ve decided to feature another blog in which we can have this pricing things discussed in somewhat more detail.

How pricing works for Amazon SES?

There are two separate pricing models that Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) offers to its clients, one is for receiving the email and a separate plan for the sending. In this blog, we are just concentrating on the latter one for “Sending Emails”. Cost for the sending with SES is also based on certain aspects. Avoiding the complexity, since you send emails from an external platform/application Campaigns, the pricing based the data transfer through EC2 tier will not apply. You are billed based on the emails you send, and you are also billed for reaching to a certain size of email attachments.

So for every 1,000 emails you send through Amazon SES account, you are billed $0.10, which is less than a dollar. And for every one GB of attachment, you will be billed $0.12. As Amazon itself is the right place to keep you updated on the pricing, you can visit Amazon SES Pricing for further details.

Amazon SES Sending Limits/Quota

Another relevant question is about the sending quota that you are allowed to send. Well, Amazon SES puts the new accounts in a restricted environment known as Amazon Sandbox. When in Sandbox, your sending limit remains low as 200 emails per 24 hours with frequency of 1 message in a second. You are also restricted to send to the verified recipient address or domains only, and the “from” domain identity needs to be verified as well.

When out of Sandbox after requesting the production access to Amazon SES, you will be able to send to any recipients without having to get the addresses or domains verified, however, the “from” identities and other routing information will still need to be verified for sending. When requesting to remove the account from Sandbox, you will be provided an ability to request desired sending limit that you want to send over the period of 24-hours, you can also request desired sending rate of messages per second.

When out of Sandbox, if your account is evaluated for the good sending reputation and you are reaching your current sending limit, Amazon SES automatically increases the sending limits for certain account. Requesting to increase the sending limit doesn’t guarantee you’ll be allowed the desired limit or frequency, Amazon SES does evaluate your account for better standing and your described plan for Amazon usage. Let’s assume your account is out of Sandbox, and you are allowed the following daily limits. Here is how Amazon SES costs you as per their current pricing model.

Email Limit Sending Cost
1,000 (One Thousand) $0.10 (Excluding attachment cost)
10,000 (Ten Thousand) $1 (Excluding attachment cost)
100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) $10 (Excluding attachment cost)
500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand) $50 (Excluding attachment cost)
1,000,000 (1 Million Emails) $100 (Excluding attachment cost)

How Campaigns Pricing Works ?

The Campaigns email automation and marketing platform by Mumara lets you send emails using your Amazon SES account. Campaigns currently follows more than a few pricing and software distribution models, details of which are discussed in the following area.

Campaigns Connect

Currently it is referred to as an end user account, but team Mumara is going through from a process to change its name lately to CampaignsPlus Connect may be or something more relevant. The important thing to understand about this type of software distribution is it assigns its subscriber an account based on number of contacts client is looking to send to. The account is being instantly setup and the client is charged based on number of contacts he/she chooses. Accounts under this package don’t allow creating further users or using external SMTP/Mail server. However, a large number of globally acknowledged ESPs are available for the clients to integrate their accounts with, including the Amazon SES.

Campaigns Self-Hosted

You can have this type of license installed on your preferred web server and can use it to send as much or as little you want to send. You can use it on monthly basis or can purchase a lifetime license of the application. Price of this type would increase based on number of users you are looking to create to further share/distribute your installation with your clients or partners.

Campaigns Cloud (SaaS)

A cloud based solution for the people who are looking for better scalability. Plans under this package are distributed and resources are being allocated to each plan based on number of contacts client is looking have and send to. Clients will be offered full application access where no modules are restricted, unlike Campaigns Connect where you don’t get user management or ability to connect to SMTP server.

Subscribe Campaigns 

Rest assured the combination of Campaigns and Amazon not only offers maximum reliability for premium features, but also helps you cut the email sending cost. You can choose the most suitable Campaigns plan as per your need to ensure you are getting premium features to manage creatives & emails while the sending cost is as low as insignificant with Amazon SES. As a proposition, tt’s like no more than $0.26 for 1,000 emails in 24 hours from Amazon and 501-5k contacts plan of CampaignsPlus connect.