The second part of the blog series that cover some of the tips to boost the open rates will concentrate on the content and your end target, the contacts in your list. The previous blog covered some important measures to take before you design newsletter, create content or schedule your email campaign for sending.

Segment Your List Well

Let’s start with the contacts in your list; if you aren’t concentrating on their interests, you are wasting all your efforts to improve the open rates. Slice and dice your email lists, before further mailing. The more you categorize your list into the smaller segments, the better you score. You should be having a different strategy to reach different demographic segments, contacts from specific geography, contacts who speak certain language, contacts who engaged previously, non-engaging contacts and so on. Sending to smaller and well categorized segments will give you an ability to engage with contacts who genuinely wish to read what you have to say. Mumara covers a great deal of functionality when it comes to create email list segments.  You can segment your contacts.

  • By Statistical Logs
  • By Contacts’ Status in List
  • By  Detailed Geographical Location
  • By Status as Opened or Unopened
  • By Status as Clicked or Unclicked
  • By Custom Field Data
  • And more Customized Options

Segment Your List for Better Response Rate

After all the speculation about email marketing meeting its dead end, it continues to be one of the leading communication channels, for both marketing and transactional messages. Learn More

Avoid Messy Code and Spam Words

The word spam in itself can serve more than few definitions, but generally it refers to unsolicited emails, emails that one sent without the consent of permission of the recipient. But even if you are sending permission based and solicited emails, your email can be trapped by the spam filters, and your effort to improve your open rates will come to its end. Among the several aspects that the spam filters consider to weigh an email as spam, the important one is the content of your email.

Newsletter with poor code quality or tag stuffing can invite the spam filters to suspect your email; as a result of this messy code, your email may not be able to land into the target inbox. Recommended is to always rely on a proper designer for designing HTML newsletters.  Mumara has integrated free of cost, properly coded email templates in its template store, one of the predesigned templates can be used to avoid getting into the trouble.

You may have also heard about the term called spam words, and might have been advised to avoid using words like “Work at Home” or “Earn Extra Cash” etc. But it isn’t limited to few words or terms. Spam filter can be triggered for list of words it recognizes as being spammy.  Mumara has devised a convenient way to avoid the spam words and terms while you create your email content. Mumara has integrated a spam score testing meter that would scan through your content, and will let you know the percentage of spammy words in your Subject line, HTML content and in the text content also. It is how you make sure that your email is properly formatted having no spam words.

Spam Score Meter

All Important Subject Line

You will find out that every article on this topic have signified the importance of using subject line mindfully. The subject line should be enticing, irresistible and yet simple.  Using Mumara, you can explore number of options to experiment with your subject lines, in order to optimize your open rates.

A/B Testing

You can test one campaign with different subject lines using A/B testing tool integrated with Mumara, where you will be able test split of one email campaign having different subject lines. It automatically evaluates the better performing subject line based on the criteria you have set, and gives you the ability to automatically send the winning version to the rest of the contacts in your email lists. The method of testing different versions of the email with A/B testing tool have produced really effective results for list of clients, do give it a go.

Split Test Subject Line


Personalization is increasing trend in email marketing space, where you will use number of techniques to personalize your email content and subject lines, to achieve the goal of improved subscribers’ engagement and open rates. Using Mumara, you will be able to add basic name personalization to advanced behavioral triggers to optimize your open rates. You can have recipient name, first name or other custom variable in your subject line, as a result of this each recipient will be reached with his/her name in the subject line. Click the following link to know more about personalization in Mumara.

Personalization is Your Key to Success

You too probably have received that email from some brand or service provider, with a subject line that contains your name, like the one I’ve received from a popular freelance marketplace saying “Adnan: NASA Wants to Work With You”. Learn More

Subject Line Rotation

In some of the cases, offering variety of subject lines in one email campaign can boost the results. Mumara has introduced spin tag to conveniently rotate the subject line or content areas, for every recipient in your mailing. If among the 3 subject lines in use, one fails, there is a possibility that the remaining two will perform.

Conclusive Note

Though the list may include, certain patterns and style to follow when creating the content, finding out the best time to send emails, keeping mobile devices into consideration and the list goes on with never ending suggestions to give your open rates a significant rise. But that’s all for you to kick-start with your email marketing efforts, by practically implementing tips to improve the open rates.