Starting off with a new blog series that would cover major 3rd party integrations that Mumara applications offer, the first blog of the series will discuss the featured integration of Campaigns with Amazon Simple Email Services (SNS). Amazon is famous, and almost everyone is familiar to the world largest multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace powered by Amazon. Apart from this famous Amazon e-commerce store, Amazon is known for AWS its state of the art cloud based services considered to be the pioneer of this model. One part of AWS large service spectrum is Amazon Simple Email Service aka Amazon SES. The SES is considered among the most reliable cloud based email services backed by the team of world’s leading technology company. You can use the highly reliable deliverability infrastructure of Amazon SES using SMTP or API.

Campaigns by Mumara is the most flexible email marketing and automation application when it comes to Sending Choices. Amazon SES is one among the several integrated choices of email sending that Campaigns offer. The seamless integration of Amazon SES API has enabled Campaigns subscribers to use their existing account with AWS to send emails from without needing to render any technical effort or writing a code. All you need to have is an active subscription of Campaigns and Amazon to reap exciting benefits this integration can offer.

It’s Flexible & Cost Effective

Solutions in email marketing industry vary from one another; the majority part of industry is occupied by the ESPs model that sometime costs an arm and a leg for high volumes and full feature access, while the remaining part especially the one with self-hosted & managed sending infrastructure suffers in term of sender reputation and deliverability. Mumara offers the most flexible and robust combination of a fully feature email automation platform Campaigns while integrating the email relay of one’s own choice. Together Campaigns and Amazon SES makes the most cost effective and reliable email delivery infrastructure. It is up to you how do you want to use Campaigns, pay once, get Campaigns self-hosted installed on your own server, connect your sending node with SES account and kick start sending. Or if you are looking a hassle free service, subscribe to one of the available Campaigns SaaS package by carefully evaluating your current sending needs, and save more.

Easy Configuration

No more complex configuration, the Sending Node function within Campaigns is well-knitted and easy to configure with an email relay of your choice. Setup primary node details for internal system reference, sender details (From Info & Sender Domain) for the system to use, and connect your SES account by providing your AWS access keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key). Just make sure you are sending as per the allowed upper limit of your Amazon account. If your email volume is expected to cross 200 emails a day, you will need request Amazon for the increase of your email volumes. Campaigns always encourage following best sending practices for sustainable email delivery.

Process Email Delivery Reports

The most important point of all emailing is your ability to not only monitor the activity performed on every sent email, but also accurately acquire and process these insights for better performance analysis. You may have discovered folks that use other email marketing application to send from the SES account complaining about their inability to process non-delivery reports/bounced or other delivery insights. Actually the contemporary email applications with the same integration overlook or entirely lack the infrastructure capable to process the delivery reports using Amazon offered resources SNS. It is the point where Campaigns outperforms other email marketing applications that offer Amazon integration. You can create SNS topic subscription by performing majority configuration steps right on your Campaigns interface. Once configured, Campaigns seamlessly collects and processes the email activity topics (bounces, complaints etc.) delivered by Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Services).

As a matter of fact, with this blend of Campaigns and Amazon, you will be able to use long list features that Campaigns offer for email management and marketing automation, while having a robust solution for sustainable email delivery through Amazon SES. That’s all for today’s topic, for further assistance on Amazon SES integration, you can continue reading other resources like the help center articles. Later in this series we’ll focus on more 3rd party apps/services that Campaigns is offering integration with.