Custom Variables

Get the data stored in email field, additional or even custom fields to create engaging personalized content. I.e. %%First_Name%% or %%Last_Name%% in your campaign content for name personalization. Mumara Campaigns will take this raw variable, obtain the data from the First Name field of the contact, and will eventually greet the end user with his/her name, i.e. Hi John.

Dynamic Content Tag

Dynamic Content Tag takes you a step forward to create personalized customer experience. Turn simple data stored in data fields to actionable insights. Create a separate content unit for the specific number of contacts to receive upon meeting the present criteria. The criteria can represent the geographic outline, behavioral pattern or demographic preferences of the contacts.

Predictable Purchase Pattern

Deliver products according to the geographic or demographic outline of your subscribers. Men will have less interest to see new arrivals showcase with a mix of women products. Why not create a separate showcase for men using the Dynamic Content Unit, and define criteria to automatically send it when the Gender Field is Male. The same way you can predict according to the geographic details like Language to strengthen data driven email marketing using Dynamic Content Tag.


Add as many variations in your content as you like to keep it somewhat unique for every other contact in the list. Using the spintag feature, words and phrases in your campaign can systematically be replaced with alternative words and phrases saved within spintag. Content rotation also keeps its effectiveness when it comes to bypass the content filters that sometime block you for the most legitimate content. Make use of spintag within From Name, From Email and Reply to Email fields.

Appealing Subject Line

Majority marketers are convinced that the starting point of your email isn’t the greeting expression; it is the subject line that the recipient notices at the very first glance. Then why not experiment with Subject Line using features like Custom Variable and Spintags to boost the response rate.

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