Here’s all you need to know about Email marketing ideas for interior designers.

Proof that Email Marketing Works

So let’s get into the Email marketing ideas for interior designers step by-step. Before I get into anything, it’s important to know that whatever that you’re up to, is it even worth it?! And here are 6 points that are proof that will show you that email marketing does work.

Email is 40x more effective than FacebookThe average open rate for a welcome email is 82%Over 50% of marketers reported that email marketing, specifically, has the highest ROI when compared to other marketing channels, including social media73% of millennial users want businesses to email them versus contacting them in other ways81% of small business owners use email marketing as their main way to get new customers, meanwhile 80% of business owners also use it for customer retentionEmail subscribers are 3 times more likely to engage with you on social media

For interior designing and home decor businesses, email marketing should be an essential part of your marketing tool kit. Using it to create a systematic flow of content that displays your proficiency. So use it to spread the word about the beautiful projects that you have created for your satisfied customers. It’s a perfect way to make sure your potential customers hear all about your talents and services so they can hire you. And MumaraOne can surely help you with that!

Built a connection 

The best way to form a relationship with your customers is by connecting with them. So give your customers a chance to get to know you before they make a purchase from your store. Tell your brand story, what was your inspiration to form this store. And why you sell your products. Content themes are important in email marketing for eCommerce. Build a content theme that stimulates the reader’s curiosity. This will make them spend more time on the email and ultimately on your fashion eCommerce website. Email marketing for interior designers is a direct way to reach your ideal customer. 

Sometimes social media can be like standing in the street shouting “HEY, BUY MY STUFF”. There are lots of people listening but you’re not really sure if they want to hear from you. In contrast building, your own opt-in email marketing list will create a dedicated group of followers who you know love what you do. Furthermore, people who regularly receive your emails are proven to convert into your customers at a much higher rate than social media followers.    

Use Refreshing Templates

Everyone has a constant desire to better their home or office and is on the lookout for a qualified interior designer. As a designer or interior planner, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity worth grabbing. I know that when your business is new, it is overwhelming and confusing as to how I will ever expand this. And that’s when MumaraOne will help you.

As I mentioned above and It has been proven in the past that an email marketing campaign on a template is a pretty efficient way to please your customers. Along with the benefits of great design, the scheme ensures time savings and value for money. So use new and refreshing templates for your work, it can become easier for clients to understand that you’re a brand that needs to be recognized. Working with smart templates allows you to gain that recognition factor, with which all your other work becomes simpler as well. And trust me your whole reason should be making it easier for the customers. 

How MumaraOne can help beyond just Email marketing ideas for interior designers.

Firstly It’ll set up your mailing list and ensure building your email data is integrated into every aspect of your digital marketing. Create lead magnets that will capture the interest of homeowners looking to renovate that will be your potential customers. Then it will build your email list to engage with new potential customers as well as your existing loyal clients. And then eventually following this, It’ll create a beautiful email full of engaging content designed to sell your products and services, which will be loved by your future customers!

All emails are designed in line with your brand to keep your tone of voice and design style consistent. Send these to your potential clients on a regular basis to keep your services in mind and make you the first call for interior design services. 

Use it to build a content flow that demonstrates your expertise. It’s a great way to get the word out about outstanding projects you’re working on for your happy customers and an excellent way to ensure that your future clients know all of your skills and design services. So let MumaraOne help you!

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