Email marketing ideas for makeup artists… say what? well, here you go, let’s learn all there is to it!

Email marketing is essential for makeup artists in order to promote their services. And it’s important to know the worth or something before getting into it?! And here are 6 points that are proof that will show you that email marketing does work.

Email is 40x more effective than FacebookThe average open rate for a welcome email is 82%Over 50% of marketers reported that email marketing, specifically, has the highest ROI when compared to other marketing channels, including social media73% of millennial users want businesses to email them versus contacting them in other ways81% of small business owners use email marketing as their main way to get new customers, meanwhile 80% of business owners also use it for customer retentionEmail subscribers are 3 times more likely to engage with you on social media

There is a vast array of marketing communication options one still stands tall above the rest, and that’s email marketing. Email marketing is the single best tool you have at your disposal for marketing your brand and driving conversions. For positive and impacting promotion. And sales you would want to form a solid relationship with your mailing list and maximise your chances of driving first-time and ongoing sales then you need to be putting out engaging email content several times per week. For that it is really important to send out emails that are highly effective. And  Murmura One help you with this and here are the ways you can use:

Attractive Email Templates 

This email marketing service comes with a super easy drag & drop email builder by which you can build responsive email templates for your bridal makeup business. By creating such templates, you can offer your clients weekly deals on makeup products, free trial makeup for bridal or party makeup, etc. MumaraOne will help you and you will see how all these templates are easy to design, here you just need to drag & drop the required field like images, text, etc & arrange them in different styles to grab the attention of customers. You can also design emails by using 2 different methods :- 

Basic Text Editor 

 First one is basic text editor and with the help of this, you can send simple text emails to your potential customers.

Theme Template 

And the second option is the theme template. Under this option, you can easily find some pre-built templates. 

Welcome emails

Welcoming emails help you create the perfect first impression.  While sending the welcoming emails don’t forget to include a sincere thank you message and links to your social profiles while sending out these emails and MumaraOne can make that possible for you. Like they say First impression is the last impression. 

Content Emails

As a beautician, you have unending opportunities for sending different kinds of content to your subscribers. Use content emails to inform your audience on styles and trends, tell your story, and attract them with meaningful content instead of hard selling all the time. 

Auto-repsonder email 

Another special feature of this tool is Auto repsonder by which you can send automatic replies to your customer after their subscription on your website. Beauty lovers will surely love to receive such emails.

Monitoring your services by Email

Email tracking is the process of tracking sent emails and using that data to inform business decisions. Most email tracking tools capture data on open rates, times, and locations, as well as click-throughs on links and attachments. Email marketing for beauticians, with the help of which you can track your email’s stats such as sent, opened, clicked or unsubscribe rate. And this will be included in the MumaraOne package. Benefits of monitoring the emails is, it directly addresses the targeted audience on the basis of email opening rate which will help you boost your makeup editor business.

Holidays or Special Event Greetings 

It is essential for you to send seasonal greetings. Because greeting someone on a special event or holiday is a decent and heart touching gesture. And when you send an email like that, the customer appreciates the fact that you remembered them on this special day. Hence they feel the connection and importance. 

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