Ever dreamt of meeting all your marketing goals without additional time spend? Well, it is highly possible that your dream is not that far from you. All you have to do to achieve is to decide if you want to optimize your workload and delegate it or not? Delegating and automating tasks allows you and your taskforce to invest more time in more meaningful and creative tasks. You can leave the bulk sending and similar tasks to Mumara. Apart from the sending activity automation, you can do a lot more with the MumaraOne. But more importantly than anything else, you get to Automate your funnel with MumaraOne.

Decipher, Plan and Execute

You need to create a user experience flow for your business. How do users get there and what do they do next? Breakdown their activity and create an email for each part of their experience. The customer funnel refers to the idea of stages of the customer in the whole buying experience. Help the customer get from point a to point z without any major efforts through marketing automation. For this, you have to start with bringing customers to your website.

Remember the email list you have been populating? Yes, that, pull it out and import it into your MumaraOne. Or, you can simply add the contacts manually for hand-picked contacts. Next up, send these people your first email. If you have just put up a subscribe option on your website and do not know where to start the emailing then too you can use the occasion as the first icebreaker between your brand and your potential customers who signed up.

Automate your Funnel With MumaraOne: Start Your Welcome Sequence Drip

Quickly combine the list and begin with the first Thankyou email. If you already have a welcome email system in place you can skip this step. Or you can upgrade this step to improve your strategy. Just make sure you engage the user and make it feel welcomed and warm enough. Create an email, add a dynamic content tag to your email template and used name personalization to allow the personalized feel to the email. Then you set it up with a trigger for new clients. Whenever a person is added to your mailing list you can automatically send them their first email. You can also set this up in the shape of an email drip campaign with the welcome theme. In the initial email, you might want to thank the person for signing up and tell them what they can do and get from this service.

By telling the recipient what to expect from your brand’s subscription you can prepare them for more. Tell them how many emails per week should they expect from you. Also, you can let them know if you are likely to send them coupons, updates, promos, deals or information. Letting them know can excite them up to.

Automate your funnel

Automate your funnel

Automate your funnel through Triggers

In the following few days or weeks of the welcome email that is being sent to each new recipient in your list you can send them more emails. These emails are additional information that follow in a logical order. The benefit of these emails following the welcome email sets the mood and slowly leads the recipients in the direction of making a purchase and sealing the deal. These emails are to build your way up to the sales. So you want to introduce the recipient to the brand, then to the product and then eventually to the buying procedure.

Since each client is always on a different stage in the buying process so each one needs to be marketed in a unique way. Each email can act like a push. Artificial intelligence helps in making this push strategy as personalized and effective as possible. With MumaraOne you give each email campaign a brain of its own. You do this by first designing a dynamic campaign with the dynamic content tags in each email. These personalize some parts of the email based on the additional information you provide the software.

Then you decide the point in time that each user will be ready for the next email or being moved to the next stage in the marketing campaign. You do this by assessing what logically should be up next for the customer. To do this you divide each email over a period of many days. You can use previous averages of your brand’s selling activity or you can devise your own time gap strategy.

Then automation through the triggers and the setting up of a drip campaign helps in effectively automating the unique pushes of each recipient in a systematic and consistent manner. Set up triggers to send an email from the sequence you have designed. The sequence should be followed for each client based on its activity. This is why triggers re important instead of fixed dates. welcome drip campaign based on various incentives and push strategies such as discounts and special promos.

Convert advanced customers through Quirky broadcasts

Customers who may have bought from you in the past can be in one list. And the customers who have never brought from you can be in another. You can design one campaign each and employ MumaraOne to send out emails to these people in the lists accordingly. You can choose between a one-time broadcast or a series of messages for this as well. Pick quirky headings, engage with your user, give them lower prices, loyalty promos, show them throwbacks of things they purchased.

You can do a multitude of things. Ask customers to write a review for something they bought. You can also send them recommendations with advanced automation. Keep designing, keep sending them. Send your clients the content that matters. And converge them quicker to turn them into repeat customers.

Use intriguing subject lines that show the recipient that there is a human being on the other side, not some bot or algorithm. For this, you can send them jokes, use their names and the information you know about them. Attract them with your subject and make them stay for your quality products and fun marketing. Do all of this through automation and easy-to-use drag and drop email builder present in the MumaraOne.

Automate your funnel

Automate your funnel

Reengage old veteran customers with Evergreen Campaigns

Do you have a constant list of recipients who always open your messages, or have been with your brand since long? Chances are they will stay for the years to come as long as you remain consistent and active. Design and schedule special Evergreen Campaigns for such people. These campaigns can be for special yearly events such as New Year’s Eve, the client’s Birthday or even Subscriber Anniversary. Get creative. Look into the local holidays of segments from your contact lists and send each set of people a yearly email based on it. You can also allow these to be customized with the information you have stored in your custom fields and more. You can achieve more with inputting less in MumaraOne.

Unlimited Creative Marketing, and CRM Minimal Effort

This is a premium product made for marketers who want to attract business with a great deal of personalization and tech orientation, but without breaking their bank. MumaraOne solves many problems with just a few clicks. Notice a reduction in stress from your organization’s marketing department with the comprehensive services of MumaraOne.

Wish to do all of this and not worry about the workload? Then get yours today and start now!