Interspire Email Marketer & Mumara


After one of the previous blogs on the difference between the Mumara Addons and the one that are offered for Interspire Email Marketer, this blog is focusing on some of the similarities of these two platforms, and at the end of it discusses some of the peculiarities that Mumara holds. The reason behind writing this blog is the same that made me to write the previous blog on the related topic, and it was to answer some correlated questions, like the one following.

Can I use Multi MTA with Interspire Email Marketer?

The simple answer to this question is that you cannot, and we continue to get not the same but similar kind of question? Some asked that we have got particular addon that we formerly used with IEM; can we use it with Mumara? Or does particular addon of Mumara work with Interspire? The previous blog addressed almost the same thing; however, confusion still continues to exist. Therefore, here is another try to clear the air.

Some Similarities

The discussion of these common attributes of both the platforms covers another question that is being asked.

What is per email cost?

One of the similarities between Interspire and Mumara is that both of the application fall into the same category of self-hosted email marketing software. Unlike the hosted email marketing solutions like MailChimp, Aweber and GetResponse, both IEM and Mumara are the licensed products and won’t charge you monthly, per email cost formula doesn’t apply in case of the both.

IEM offers pricing options starting from $495 for 1 user limited license to 20 user license in $1795. The product covers all the functionality advertised on IEM website, and it doesn’t include custom addons. Mumara revised its pricing at the start of 2016, and it is currently offering 3 types of product editions, starting from $147 monthly package to $1487 for lifetime license included 20+ addons.

Email Marketing Addons

Addons still remain the basic cause of confusion among the clients, and the very reason behind this confusion is the functionality that both IEM and Mumara accomplish with these custom built addons. There are more than few 3rd party developers that develop addons for IEM and IEM doesn’t offer any of these with its basic product license. The 3rd party developers have developed these addons for IEM.

In case of Mumara, all the addons are developed by team Mumara and it doesn’t require any extra effort to integrate/optimize these addons with basic platform. All the current packages of Mumara include custom addons, whether it is the Monthly Deluxe package or Mumara Complete Suite. However Mumara Bundle excludes some of the addons.

Actually the addons help to accomplish certain functionality, similar in both the products Mumara and IEM, and here I’ve collected the addons that are available for both the application, with slightly different scope and names.

  • Multithreading (Helps to execute parallel sending activity)
  • Feedback Loop Processor (Helps to process the abuse complaints)
  • Geo Location Tool (Gathers geographical location of opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc)
  • Multi MTA or Multi SMTP/MTA (Helps managing multiple MTAs separately)
  • Spin Tags (Gives ability to spin content areas and subject lines etc)
  • PowerMTA Integration and Bounce Processor (Helps setting up PMTA for remote bounce processing)

What’s Peculiar?

Other than the above mentioned addons, Mumara offers certain exclusive addons. Mumara has extended the scope of PowerMTA module to a significant extent and it covers all configuration levels to well-tune PowerMTA server. Just leaving tiny tweaks for better performance, Mumara does rest of the PowerMT config automatically.

Mumara offers another exclusive feature and that is its ESP Edition. Mumara Complete Suite is currently upgradable to the ESP Edition of Mumara. It offers the ability to setup infrastructure capable of handling the workflow of complete ESP (Email Service Provider). ESP Edition of Mumara is detailed edition, covering all what is required to run the operations of an ESP. PowerMTA Configuration for this edition is different from the Product Edition.

There is other feature distinct in Mumara, like ability to setup persistent SMTP connection, or ability to send in non-persistent loop during IP warming sessions, using .htaccess configuration file for mask forwarding, CNAME domain mapping, and several other features with basic platform.

The addons Mumara develop is limited for its product Mumara only, and not compatible with any other email marketing software. Same goes for the addons 3rd party developers develop for Interspire. As being email marketing software belongs to one category, both the applications are certainly comparable, but both offer their distinct platform and hold value for their features.