The series that we started to discuss some of the important factors involved in email delivery was somehow disconnected after first three blogs. It was discussed earlier that the hygiene of your email list combined with best practices ensures better deliverability and not just some Email Inbox Sender. Let’s reconnect to discuss some more things to help you improve email delivery. Sending reputation is something that is considered a key to achieve good deliver rates. If the target is prospect’s inbox, then make sure the winning strategy is building solid sending reputation and then maintaining it in the long run. The overall reputation essentially depends on the reputation of originating IP address and the sending domain.

IP Reputation

Since the emails you send originate from an IP address, its reputation plays vital role in achieving good inbox delivery rates. There are certain things that count and can help you identify how good your IP’s reputation is for hitting the target inbox. Return Path has a good service at its credit that lets you gauge the IP reputation in terms of your sender score from number 0 to 100. Position of your sender score between 0 to 100 reflects ISPs behavior towards the IP address. The metrics that Return Path considers to scale the sender score are more are less similar to what ISPs take into account for evaluating the IP reputation.

Building and maintaining IP reputation can sometimes be controlled by the sender, depending on the sending infrastructure. Several service providers share IP address across several senders/companies, for them to send the emails from the shared originating IP. While some other senders trust a dedicated IP address for their sending. Service providers that offer shared IP access to several senders, often place a strict surveillance on the sender’s activity to maintain good sending reputation. And if the senders’ activity isn’t well monitored through initiatives like Omnivore by MailChimp, delivery rates of all the senders on the shared IP can drop due to the wrong activity performed by one user to damage the IP reputation.

However for the dedicated IP, you have been given a good control and flexibility to build and maintain the reputation of the IP address for improved inbox placements. When considering infrastructure other than the ESP solution i.e. self-hosted SMTP server, always go for dedicated resources especially the IP address.

Don’t jump to the maximum volumes when the dedicated IP is new, warm up the IP address and gradually increase the sending volume. ISPs suspect the traffic coming from a new IP address, and take note of certain things (i.e. Subscriber Engagement) until they conclude that the incoming traffic is legitimate originating from IP with clean reputation. Also make sure that the IP you are using isn’t listed publically across any of the blacklist. Deliverability significantly suffers due to the listed IPs and domains.

Domain Reputation

Along with the IP address, sending domain also carries substantial value to improve overall sending reputation and deliverability. Reputation of domain depends on number of things that includes, domain age with spotless history being the most favorable factor. Newly registered domains that aren’t recognized for any past activity are considered suspicious like the cold IP addresses, web monitors and ISPs tend to thoroughly scrutinize incoming emails from the newly registered domains. On the other hand emails sent from a well reputed old domain are accepted more swiftly. So before deciding on a domain for the purpose of sending from, make sure the domain is preferably an old domain and shouldn’t be listed on any of the blacklists to avoid suffering from poor inbox rate.

Mumara IP/Domain Reputation Monitoring

Mumara helps you manage the reputation of your IP as well as sending domain with its integrated feature that monitors IPs and Sending Domains against the selected blacklists, that instantly marks/ notifies the IPs/domains listed on any of the selected blacklist. To avoid listed IP killing your effort, it moreover offers you an ability to deactivate the SMTP with listed IP and automatically shifts to another SMTP with clean IP to send. Keep an eye on reputation of your IP and Domain for sustainable deliverability.

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