Let’s start a new blog series covering the all important aspect of email Deliverability. Large amount of helpful content is already available on this topic, but still there is a room for more discussion. Folks especially the beginners always tend to search for an accelerated way of making use of email marketing as revenue generating machine. In this quest, they often overlook best practices and rely on apparently quick and easy ways to achieve the target of Inbox Delivery. Topic of this blog is a well searched term and a representation of the hot pursuit, to find an application/script or solution with an ability to send emails right in the inbox of recipient. Is it merely the mailing application that sends email in inbox?

We at Mumara come across questions and queries of prospects and clients from across the world. Obviously not all, but some of them really expect from Mumara to deliver all of their emails right to the target inbox. They are less concerned with what’s the role of Mumara as self-hosted email marketing software, what part SMTP environment has to play, what’s the IP reputation and how important it is to follow best list building practices for deliverability. Mumara as email marketing application does play its role to optimize email delivery process and SMTP server has it importance to maximize inbox delivery rate, but these are secondary components. Primary is the hygiene of the email list.

Whenever a new enthusiastic marketer contacts us and asks “Does Mumara guarantee 100% inbox delivery”? Instead of getting annoyed from the question, we always try to explain how the whole delivery process works and from where it starts. First of all, a self-hosted email marketing application isn’t the only component that is required for sending emails, one would need to configure SMTP server or use SMTP services to be able to relay emails. But even the completely configured, well reputed Email Service Provider (ESP) can’t guarantee high inbox delivery rates, if the list comprises of invalid email address, hard bounces and honey pots.

So everything starts from the hygiene of the list and the practices you have followed when building the list of contacts. While building a valuable database of double opt-in confirmed contacts is an asset and number one preference for several businesses, email address harvesting or purchasing leads is no longer considered a money making option. Even in case of single opt-in list where anyone can subscribe with wrong and unconfirmed email, the idea of achieving high inbox delivery rate seems difficult.  So the first step for high inbox delivery rate isn’t some Inbox sender application, it is your list.

There are technical constraints, web monitors and spam classification filters have become more efficient. Days of using an unhygienic list are over, and you can’t simply expect the mailer to send email to invalid addresses or to the list full of hard bounces. So let’s be patient while building the list, make it an asset and a permanent source of driving sales. In the next article of this session, I will be writing on how Mumara can help you making the best use of your list to achieve most favorable results?

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