Mumara Addons-Interspire Addons


Today’s Blog is covering some of the question we have been asked about few of our addons. More than a few queries have received asking about using Mumara addons with Interspire or other email apps. Like the following one.

Can I use Multi MTA addon with Interspire Email Marketer?

And the answer is you cannot. The suite of addons Mumara provides can only be used with Mumara itself, and not with any other email marketing application. Interspire is separate email marketing software, and several 3rd party developers’ program Interspire addons. The confusion arises because some of the addons have similar names. Interspire addons are designed to work with IEM. Mumara offers suite of some 20+ addons, and more can be expected, all of the addons are seamlessly integrated and highly optimized to work with Mumara.

Multiple Users and Multiple Domains

Some other inquiries are about the user management and domain masking addon. Some clients confuse creating multiple users with the ability of product license to be installed on multiple servers, and adding multiple masking domains with the ability of switching between the installation domains.

Let’s take the product license first. When you purchase one product license of Mumara, you can have it installed on one server with one installation domain, at a time. If you want to shift your server for any reason, or may be your installation domain, you can have it installed and need to reissue the product license for the new domain and server IP. Reissuing license automatically suspends the previous one, and you are good to use the product with new server and domain.

So if you have purchased a product license with complete suite of custom addons, including the one that enables you to create multiple users, doesn’t mean you can distribute the product license across multiple users installing it on their own servers. The user management addon actually enables to create multiple user accounts within Mumara to manage the workflow, but this operation will be performed within the software under the scope of your product license. All newly created user account will access the Mumara from the same server and installation domain. So the ability to create multiple users using the User Management Addon doesn’t relate with product license.

Then the second confusion is about the ability to add multiple masking domains using “Domain Masking” addon of Mumara. Masking domains are different than the primary installation domain. Masking domains are used to conceal the identity of primary installation domain, by using .htaccess configuration file or CNAME DNS record. You can add as many masking domains for sending purposes, but the installation domain will stay the same, until you reissue the license with new primary domain.

PowerMTA integration and Remote Bounce Processing

Couples of questions have been asked about the PowerMTA addon. It is one of the largely misunderstood notions related to an email marketing software and Message Transfer Agent, Why do I need to have PowerMTA as I already have purchased Mumara?

Mumara is front end email automation software that helps the user to perform several actions like, managing email lists, segmenting email records, scheduled sending, monitoring and reporting of the sent emails, and several other related tasks. While on the other hand, PowerMTA is a commercial MTA or simply SMTP server application helps relaying of the digital messages.

Both have entirely different scope and work to perform in your email environment. In self-hosted or in-house email environments, combination of both the software is used to the best results. Mumara obviously doesn’t limit your ability to use the PowerMTA only; it is well optimized to be used with any other open source alternative of PowerMTA like EXIM, Postfix etc. or even with remote SMTP offered by SMTP service providers like SendGrid etc.  But the PowerMTA integration addon is related to PowerMTA configuration only.