Being a Founder and CEO, 13 years of massive Emailing experience, I with my hardworking team has finally come to a stage to introduce Mumara App store with our very first SaaS application Mumara Campaigns. Mumara current running edition played a very well inning and it’s going to be named as Mumara Classic that will still be supported by Team Mumara. Mumara has become a very well renowned web based Email Marketing application with a wide range of list management options. The application was launched in 2013 and is successfully serving small to large enterprises by fulfilling their marketing needs.

During the tenure of previous decade, I have learnt that automation in marketing is the future of business success. Any business without marketing is never existing and any marketing without automation never brings great ROI (return on investment). Every business is always looking for expansion and reaching new clients every moment via varied channels of marketing e.g newspaper ads, radio, tv ads, banners, flyers, emailing and so on. Sending an email to the targeted customer has the maximum potential of converting a lead into a sale. Ever imagined why bigger brands are always following up via emails and showing targeted offers? Because it works. Automation in marketing is highly effective and brings in maximum sales for the least cost. In Mumara Campaigns, we have highly focused on automation with a wide range of criteria that can turn your shop into a superstore and small business into a large business by staying delegate with your clients. Thinking how? If a customer comes to your clothing shop and buys a blue color collar shirt so most likely he likes the color blue and mostly wears the collar shirts. So if ever you get a chance to send him a promotion, the two variations that can convert another sale are 1- blue color, 2- collared shirt, so if you show him brown hoodie then you most probably be missing a sale. So in Mumara, you can setup his profile and input the correct feeds of his likes and dislikes. Another possible variation could be the day of week e.g if he came on Sunday then most probably he goes for shopping on Sundays, so better to send him a promotion on Sunday morning or closer to Sunday i.e Saturday. It was one example of the variations, however whatever business you are in, you need targeted marketing and Mumara is a standalone solution of your needs.

Of course, you need to segment your customers list by different types, e.g by city, by product, by purchase amount and so on. Segmentation will help you create segments on your list by any criteria and use the segments to perform different actions e.g sending an email, sending a series of auto-responders, coping/moving the contacts to another list and so on.

Sending a series of Auto-responders is another great reason of revenue multiplication. When machine is your employee that never sleeps and ready to work 24/7/365, why not fetching out the maximum benefit? I have seen that a great percentage of the business owners are not well aware of the IT and all automation stuff so we have built Mumara keeping in view all the difficulties and make the system flow very user-friendly. So here, you setup a series of auto follow up emails to be sent by specific time intervals on chosen criteria or segments.

Mumara Campaigns has great options for triggering.  A trigger is an action to be taken on occurring an event. An event may have a wide range of filters and the action to be performed can be any. E.g an event can be having a new client from New Jersey or a client who opened an email or a client who bought less than $1000 or a client with the last name McCarthy or a client who bought blue and red or a client who didn’t buy anything or even a client that is from new jersey and opened a recent email from you and shop less than $1000. So it’s an unlimited number of variations that you can set. And an action could be starting a series of auto responders on the above mentioned criteria and so on.

In my next blog, I’ll drop light on the following

  • Working with SMTPs
  • Why Suppression is Needed
  • Personalizing the emails in today’s World
  • HTML Email Vs Text Email
  • Split Test is better than Assumption
  • Evergreeen Campaigns can do the Job
  • Why Segmentation is better than Bulk
  • How to reduce Bounce and how it effects your Business
  • Sending Domains vs Irrelevant Domains
  • Spinning the Email Content
  • Staying Delegate with your Clients
  • What to Trigger and Why
  • Dynamic Content and increase in Conversions
  • Organic Sales with Subscription Forms
  • Handling complaints and abuses
  • Choosing the correct privileges for your Staff
  • Why Real-time reporting is very Important
  • What type of Reports can grow you Fast
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Mumara Campaigns+... For Real???

Fully automated email marketing application with wide range of features e.g segmentation, auto-responders, triggers, suppression, graphical reporting and so on.