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It is the second blog of the series in which I am trying to cover some of the important aspects of deliverability. In the first blog  I attempted to dispel a largely spread myth among new or less experienced email marketers that “it is merely an email marketing application or mailing solution that ensures high inbox delivery rate”. This often leaves some important facts like email list hygiene completely ignored, while a race starts to find out the ideal email marketing solution for high inbox placements. So the emphasis of the previous blog was on Email List Hygiene, everything else depends on this.

This blog focuses on how Mumara as an email marketing application can help in following best list building practices to achieve improved results. What are some of the tools it offers to maintain the list hygiene? How helpful it can be to scrub an existing list? And what part it can play to improve engagement levels with the help of better and target based segmentation of unclassified lists. So overall what’s the role of Mumara in terms of managing the list(s) that can guarantee improved deliverability?

Building List

Customizable Subscription Forms 

Mumara offers a super easy way to setup subscription forms with an ability to customize according to your preferences. A well-knitted process helps users to comfortably create double opt-in signup form which is by far the most accepted and recommended way of building valuable email list. Subscriptions form uses both double opt-in and single opt-in methods of signup, you can select one of your preferred options, double opt-in is recommended one though.

In case of double opt-in method, form lets you setup process of automatically sending confirmation email and Thank You message upon subscription. You can select one of the list(s) within Mumara to link with the signup form to directly store the information of newly subscribed in the preferred list. The process is easy and needs no technical or coding background to create or custom the form. Once you are done with a new form, it takes one click to Get HTML of the form, place it on a webpage and make it operational straightaway.

Email List Verification

As the above mentioned feature of Mumara offers great help in building a new hygienic list of subscribers, this feature can help to scrub the existing ones. May be in one of your old and somewhat inactive list you doubt to have an amount of emails turned as potential bounce or idle, and you are looking for a way to confirm this before sending. Integrated email list verification feature of Mumara can do the work for you. It scans through the contacts in the list, and confirms validity of contact’s email by checking different parameters like MX records, existence of domain and if the particular email exists on particular domain or not etc. List verification eventually results in avoiding bounce, better deliver rates and improved sending reputation.List Hygiene

Bounce Processing

Mumara offers best features for appropriate classification and accurate categorization of bounced and non-delivery reports. It can accurately process the bounces from the Bounce-to email as well as directly PowerMTA logs. Emails with permanent delivery errors can seriously affect the sending reputation and repeated attempts on hard bounces can significantly drop the deliver rates. Therefore, permanent delivery errors are flagged as hard bounced and automatically omitted for further campaigns. It is how appropriate categorization and processing of bounced emails helps you maintain hygiene of list.

Feedback Loop Processing

Register yourself with complaint feedback loops of major ISPs and other anti-spam organizations to receive alerts when any recipient marks your email as spam, setup abuse-to email account with Mumara to process these spam complaints directly within Mumara. Repeatedly sending on these addresses can end up getting your IPs/Sending domain on blacklist that ultimately destroys email delivery rates. After getting processed, Mumara stop further emailing to the contacts flagged as spam. Overall process facilitates the sender to timely recognize the spam complainants and take preemptive action to remove such contacts from the list.


The best email list is the one consisting of the contacts that actively engage with the content of your campaign. Even after inbox placements you are somehow not being able to achieve the target in some circumstance. Sometimes your lists are consisting of unclassified markets that may leave some of the recipients unengaged with no activity. Advanced segmentation within Mumara helps you create more targeted subsets of contacts with different behaviors, interests, geographic locations, demographic preferences, engagement levels and various other criteria. Once you have the unclassified markets segmented into the targeted subsets, you more likely in the position to ensure better ROI by increasing the engagement levels.

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