After the previous blog about “Persistent SMTP Connection and Non-Persistent Loop Sending”, it’s the second blog of what’s new series. The entire focus of this write-up is based on value added functionality implemented in recent product updates, for Mumara Segmentation feature. Unlike previous segmentation options, Mumara segments are now more precise with centralized control. Some exciting new options are added for more effective segmentation of your email contacts.

Before you select the desired list(s) or start laying the criteria to create new segment out of the selected list(s), you will notice the addition of new field called “Segment Label. The addition of this new field indicates the whole new way dealing with new segments you create. Mumara segments now have the capability to act like separate subscriber list(s), when it comes to schedule and send email campaigns. Previously, it was required to choose one of the options after creating the new segment, to either export it as .CSV file and later import to send an email campaign to it,  or move/copy the new filtered records to another list to be able to schedule and send campaigns on it.

But now, as it offers the ability to select the segments for sending campaigns like you select list(s), so to differentiate among the saved segments, you put forward an appropriate “Label” or “Name” for that particular segment. This name will later help to identify that which segment carries which type of records, like “Opened Only” or “Unsubscribed” etc.

Segment Label

Segment by Date

A new option is added to help segmenting contacts by their creation date. The last fields of the section “Filter Search Results” will help to separate out records/contacts created “After” specific date, “Before” specific date and even the contacts created between the specific dates by using both the fields “After” and “Before” together.

As mentioned earlier, with these new updates, you will now be able to directly save your filtered records as new “Segment” without any need of exporting, moving or copying the records, although the option for “Exporting” and “Moving” the segment is still available at “View Segments” page.

Geographical Segmentation of Opened/Clicked (New Options)

Numbers of options that didn’t formerly exist are added in the sections “Filter Opens” and “Filter Clicks”. It isn’t now merely separating out “Opened” or “Clicked” contacts from the selected list(s). Now you can be more precise when laying out the criteria to filter “Opened”, “Clicked” “Unopened” and “Unclicked” contacts.

Fields are added to segment opened, clicked, unopened or unclicked contacts by their country, region, city and zip/postal code.  For example, Opened Contacts from United States, NY, and Austin having zip /postal code 00501 will only be separated out in result of saving the segment in the following image.

Filter Opens

Segment by Browser and Operating System

Besides geographical segmentation, you can further shrink the criteria for more targeted segmentation, to separate out the opened, clicked, unopened and unclicked by their Browser and Operating System. With the advent of new technologies, email recipients are provided with number of options, and recent market insight reveals that the trend has largely been shifted towards smartphones. One really needs to know the breakdown to know who is opening using Mobile Operating System and Desktop Operating System. So it ends up being one of the most important options for targeted segmentation.

Segment by Data Field 

You can moreover filter records by available data fields. This new option is added towards the bottom of the page. The three fields under “Set Rules” together help applying criteria to segment records by available data field matches. For example, following rule is set to create a new segment of contacts whose “Custom Field Contains” United States” as “Country”. You can add more fields to apply more rules on data fields by clicking the (+) icon and remove any field by clicking (–) icon.

Data Field Filters

You don’t need to have the new segment copied or moved to another list to be able to send an email campaign to it. Clicking “Save” will save the new segment, and will make it available for you to select while scheduling an email campaign.Visit Mumara help documentation to know more about Segments.