Yet another blog of the Featured Integration series, a series in which we are concentrating on the 3rd party resources that Mumara software are providing integration with. The primary aim of these programmatic interactions is providing our clients with an ease of access to use resources as per their unique business requirements. So far the focus of this series remains on Campaigns mostly, the email automation and marketing application of Mumara. In this particular article, we will be discussing another major integration with Mailgun Email API.

Mailgun Integrated  

Like all other APIs within Campaigns that enable delivery of application-driven messages, configuration of a Mailgun powered Sending Node is detailed and easy. The process empowers you to setup from details of the sender, additional/custom information for the email headers and other required details while connecting your Mailgun account. While connecting your account with Campaigns, you’ll be asked to provide the verified domain as well as the API Key to authenticate the requests that Mailgun will receive on your behalf. The process of Mailgun signup, getting your send from domain verified and acquiring required credentials in pretty straightforward.

Analytics & Reporting

As you connect your account of Mailgun with Campaigns Sending Node to able to later use it for email delivery, you can also opt to process the delivery reports using the Mailgun Event Webhooks. The Mailgun Webhooks helps you get insights into the performance of the emails you send through its system. It precisely informs you about the engagement metrics like email opens or clicks or events like bounced or unsubscribed etc. To be able to process these delivery events within Campaigns requires you to provide a URL that can handle the data of these events via POST. It may seem complex to you, but it isn’t actually. Campaigns automatically creates a URL taking your Mailgun Verified domain. You’ll just need to copy it from your Campaigns interface and paste/save it in your account within Mailgun.

Cost Effective & Sustainable Email Delivery

As an email marketer, you always make a conscious effort to deliver maximum number of email messages to the recipient inbox. However, recent surveys maintain that majority marketers are struggling with deliverability. Since every sent email costs you time and money, you can’t just keep experimenting with your current providers. Having an infrastructure capable of resolving/processing delivery issues and choosing an email service recognized for sustainable delivery is always a better idea. Campaigns and Mailgun together serves both the ends, a) making informed decision to be able to carefully analyze engagement reports within Campaigns and b) using having a seasoned delivery service Mailgun on your side for sending.

With this setup in place, you cannot only save the costs for the missed messages but can also cut the overall sending cost. You don’t have to recruit staff to manage technical things, don’t need to buy expensive hardware infrastructure on recurring basis and you don’t have to worry for the maintenance of the infrastructure. If you are just starting off at the beginner level with low email volumes, you can even start for free. Mailgun do offer free emails for a certain monthly limit, however, costs involves when you are increasing with the email volume, but it is still accessible. On the other hand, Campaigns also offers flexible pricing plans suitable for the businesses of all sizes and marketers with small to high volumes.

So if you are looking for a platform that lets you delivery messages via Mailgun system, you search finishes here. You can easily signup with Campaigns desired plan, and can look into the help center resources to get your Mailgun account integrated with ease. That’s it for today’s topic, soon you’ll listening more me on more in this series.