Mumara Campaigns


Mumara Campaigns provides an extensive set of options for exploring Sales Process Management, Automation & Data-Driven Marketing, filters for dividing those markets into targeted groups, Workflow Automation for nurturing leads into clients, and a highly flexible structure to employ it as you wish.

Send a series of targeted emails using drip campaigns

Don't let your clients think that your brand is inactive. Maintain their interest with an automated series of emails, sent out at predetermined intervals, that does not allow them to forget about your brand. Drip Campaigns work like a seed sown only once and can be harvested all through life.

Don't waste time, set up triggers to automate your tasks!

Mumara can react to the predefined occasions inside the application when you want to perform a particular task. You can define a certain task, such as a broadcast or a drip campaign to be executed upon the occurrence of an event, through triggers. Then let the Trigger do its thing and you'll be all set.

Perform an action when a contact becomes a part of the segment

When a contact meets the segmentation criteria and becomes a part of it, an action can be performed on it automatically. E.g. start a drip campaign when a recipient opens your email or performs another engagement.

Deploy evergreen campaigns to keep your subscribers up-to-date

Create a campaign that stays relevant at all times and can be sent over and over again at regular intervals having static/dynamic content. With evergreen campaigns, Mumara can be assigned to send repeated broadcasts at a defined frequency to an unlimited loop e.g. today’s jobs for you, weekly deals of your interests, etc.

Discover the best performing broadcast with split tests

Not sure about which campaign will bring in better revenue? Use a split test to analyze the performance between multiple broadcasts and then send the better one to the rest of the subscribers.
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