Mumara ClassicESP

Client Management

There is couple of options you can opt to get your clients registered for an account and use the system for email sending. Until you have an auto-registration and billing module for the clients to register and subscribe to your service, you can use the built-in module of MumaraESP to add the client accounts manually.

Client Groups

The built-in function of client management within Mumara helps you setup client groups. These groups are the prerequisites of client accounts. Client Group function has a complete access control list to define the access level of the clients in specific group, and limit control settings to propose hourly, daily and monthly sending limits for the clients in specific group. Groups give you a way to create different plans with sending limits/access levels for the clients to register for.

Client Accounts

Client accounts are easy to setup and you can create as much as you want. However, limit of client accounts in a sending server would apply according to your set preferences. Every client account you create is not only associated with a client group but also with a sending server. Client accounts use their login credentials to separately log into their accounts to manage their contact lists, campaigns and sending according to the sending limits imposed by the user group.

Credit Management

Client accounts that you create using built-in client module will limit client accounts to use the email credits (Sending Limits) as set in the user group (Subscribed Plan). But in case a client requires extra email credits for his account, you have an additional option provided via Add Credit function. You would just need to select the client account, number of email credits you want to add in the account and the expiration month-date. In normal circumstances, credits are being allocated to the client group however.
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