Mumara ClassicESP

Client Portal

Every registered client having valid account details would use them to login to his portal separate than the one that ESPs admin uses. The client side portal offers extensive list of features for email marketing management and automation.

Contact List & Segmentation

The client side portal offers complete and hassle free list and contact management. Your clients can create lists, can add or speedily import contact details to the desired lists. Add every detail of the contact that you know by creating custom fields. Use suppression list feature to add unwanted resources to don’t send to list. And email marketing segmentation would offer great possibilities to slice and dice the list for better targeting.


Due to the significantly improved results and possibilities to engage more customers, automation has taken email marketing industry by storm. The client portal of MumaraESP offers great deal of options to automate marketing flow. Your clients can make use of Autoresponders to deliver prewritten emails immediately to the newly added contacts or after waiting for a preset time interval. Or let the event based triggers to take bunch of timely actions to increase customer loyalty.

Data Driven Marketing

List of features are available for your clients to make use of data driven email marketing, features like dynamic tags and custom variables would help your clients to create more relevant and personalized email experience. Every email that your clients send would be tracked to generate detailed reports and insights. And list of other valuable tools are made part of the client side portal. To learn more about the client side features, click following link.
Data Driven
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