Mumara Classic

IP/ Domain Reputation Monitoring

Email delivery largely depends on the reputation of the sending IP and sending domain. Delivery rates significantly drop for the IPs and Domains listed publically across the blacklists. The focal point of bulk emailing is to keep the IP and Domain away from getting blacklisted, and the process involves active monitoring of Sending IPs and Domains.
MumaraClassic has simplified and automated the whole process of monitoring the sending IP and domain. It has collected all major and even minor blacklists/ web monitors for the user to custom select the desired ones, and automatically keep monitoring the activity of the sending IP(s), and Domain(s) across the selected blacklists. As soon as any of the selected web monitor lists the IP or domain, system reports it as listed.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Select preferred blacklists to monitor IP/Domains

MumaraClassic maintains two separate lists of blacklists (web monitors/ blocklists) to select the preferred blacklists or the whole list to monitor your IPs/Domains. One list consists of all major blacklists relevant to IP e.g. BARRACUDA, and the other lists all with regard to domain e.g.

Keeps the Status of IP(s) and Domain(s) updated

Application keeps the status of non-listed IP as None, unless it is being listed by one of the selected blacklists. All sending domains setup in domain masking will separately be monitored for reputation, and will be reported as soon as listed by any of the selected blacklists.

Deactivation of SMTPs of listed IPs

Couple of options offered to automatically deactivate and stop sending from the SMTP having listed IP. You can set to deactivate at early stage when the IP is listed even on one of the selected blacklists, or can wait until the IP is listed across all the selected blacklists.
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