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Features to Help you Drive Business Growth

Utilizing our years of experience in building marketing automation tools and tailored application to make customer communication intuitive and trouble free, we have attempted to deliver a comprehensive SMS platform at your disposal. Broad range of its features will help you implement best strategies to drive business growth with promising results. Higher level of seamless connectivity transcends geographical limitation; you can connect to your customers of 200 plus destinations covering majority of the global cell phone carriers. Get on board to create irresistible offers and promote your current or upcoming products.
Organized Structure
Manage all of your contacts with ease and effectiveness within the lists you create. Add contact information or get information stored via import function.
Content Relevance
Use custom variables to make it certain that the content you are sending is engaging, relevant and best suitable to return high conversion rate.
Smart Sending
Schedule your campaign to be delivered at the date & time best suitable for better response rate. Get notified for the spam words/phrases.
Better Open Rates
Take advantage of our SMS masking feature to send the offers from your own brand’s name, instead of using a generic number that the recipient tends to ignore.
Guaranteed Delivery
Use validation feature to force undeliverable and invalid contact apart from the list, and maintain a list carrying maximum number of deliverable contacts only.
Collection of every metric that is required for performance analysis and to measure the ROI of your SMS marketing and text engagement campaigns.

Solution For Variety Of Industries

To grow your business you need to sell more and sell to more. And since text engagement campaigns are relevant for every industry and business of every size from startup saloon to large corporates, it can help you make certain of both the ways of business growth. First, by engaging the existing customers to sell more, and second by reaching out new markets and prospects to sell it to more. Whether you are planning to send a text offers, or your application triggers notifications, alerts or reminders for customers/ partners, we have got a solution for you. It is easy to use on its marketing side, and adaptable on the transactional messaging side. Our platform is flexible to integrate across variety of industries. Moreover! If you are interested in custom development tailored according to your specific requirements.
Easy GUI and Spontaneous Processes
Our endeavor is all about providing you an effortless experience of sending and scaling text engagement campaigns. So that you concentrate on your goals, marketing strategies and business growth, while MumaraSMS takes care of the rest.
It takes zero technical effort on your side to write a success story through text offers and SMS marketing. Every element on GUI is easily navigable and all processes are well-knitted even for a layman to understand and kick start successful text marketing. You are moreover supported by short helping texts on every step you perform, and detailed knowledgebase about the features you operate with.
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