The Inbox Paradigm

Count the number of emails you get in a day. Counted them yet? Yes, they are SO many. And most of them are super redundant. Nobody wants a fully unread inbox. And it is so hard to sift through the noise.

Many people are now working towards a fantasy in the digital world called Inbox Zero. This is a concept that sets a fully sorted and read inbox as the state of having an Inbox Zero. In such conditions, you can not start to junk people. You must choose what you are sending carefully. You must make sure that your emails add value to the recipient instead of loading their inbox up in a way that they have to ultimately unsubscribe to your emails as a struggle towards an inbox zero. The goal is to help the recipient learn and want to buy. But, you have to be reasonable about it. You can not go crazy with spam. This is important for you as a brand marketer and as a creative person.

In the age of minimalism in thought, art and branding no brand can afford to be redundant, boring and drag. It is important to be precise. This is why you need to personalize each email. The email can be of greater value when it relates directly to the interests of the recipient instead of generic descriptions and mass broadcasts. Give them value, give them utility from the content of your email. Help in Email improvement.

increase convergence

increase convergence

Personalization and Sales

Show the person you care. Do this by tapping into their likes and dislikes. Find the things they like and give them recommendations. There is a kind of personalization for each level of effort than can be done with the MumaraOne. Thus, you need a personalization tool. Something that helps you in improving the content for the readership you have. With the MumaraOne, it is very easy and simple. Automation and understanding the user can make your tedious job of marketing products to a gazillion people easier.

Through personal emails not only do you get greater open-rates and better click-through-rates you also get sales to boost. This depends on the contents of your emails. If you are giving good coupons, interactive gift prizes, engaging deals and even quality recommendations through the products integrations directory, you can improve your gross sales significantly. If you want a multiplied effect you should invest in more time spent on personalization and lesser on sending out the emails. You can leave the sending activity to Mumara. The software will allow you to easily deliver a lot of emails, accurately to the people you choose, in the way you choose, when and how you choose it to be. This is why automation is necessary.

Personalization Ideas

If you do not need to go to the API bounds then you can start with the basic First Name and contact-based personalization in the beginning. This will make a great deal of difference. Alternatively, you can send the recipient special emails that pique the interest of the reader. These can be birthday greetings, weather notifications, related product suggestions or even reminders about the older purchase experiences. The options are unlimited with the MumaraOne. Choose yours now.

Here are some of the steps of various kinds of Personalization or content optimization possible with the MumaraOne.

  • Create Smart Segmentation:
    • Demographic segmentation
    • Geographic segmentation
    • Behavioral segmentation
    • Psychographic segmentation
    • Customer journey segmentation
  • Use Automatic Dynamic Content Tags for named personalization
  • Use Interactive Media and bold text
  • Add Variable Messages and special notifications
  • Define events and use event-based triggers
  • Attribute the emails timely according to each trigger
  • Send relevant emails to relevant people
  • Track the email activity and then edit your segments
  • Update the recipient’s lists and your sending strategy based on the response you get
  • Ask your recipient what they want
    • Give the recipients the option to reduce the number of emails they receive from you
    • Give the recipient the option to increase the number of emails they receive from you
    • Let them choose what kind of newsletter do they want
  • Change the way you sound in an email: Be friendly, assertive, funny, smart, wise, frugal, fancy and any other way you can think of your tone, think it. Do this for each user, automate it for each segment or list
  • Send re-engagement reminders by showing the products the recipient left in their cart in your store
  • Send new product updates
  • Look at the days they click the most and the day they have the most time to buy or read
  • See what they do on your website, do they like to spend time or do they make swift purchases
increase convergence

increase convergence

Always Automate Artfully

Leave the most tedious task to the MumaraOne Drip campaigns. You just focus on creating the right segments and the right content for the users based on the shared interests of each segment.

You can use any metric you choose to create small groups of people. Once you have groups you can then start automating the personal experience for the people in the lists/groups or segments. Pick one or more things from the list and add rules to the basic email you have drafted. These rules will allow the email to be modified or be sent to the right segment according to a special time after an activity has happened.

You can also send a series of pre-meditated emails in the form of a drip campaign. Just always remember to personalize the name, message, the content and optimize everything for the receiver because ain’t nobody has got time for spam or junk.

Keep Automating. Keep Growing, with the power of MumaraOne.