Email marketing industry is flooded with different kind of software, and email sending solutions that people often find it confusing to select appropriate sending solution for them. The search results of different keywords, and material on different website would possibly lead to more confusion, unless you learn elementary information about some of the email marketing solutions or more precisely available bulk email sending solutions.

There are basically two types of solutions that you may find, the first one is known as ESP solution( Email Service Providers) are the companies that help to send email message using their preconfigured platform, the email message can be of marketing nature and also of transactional nature, depending on the scope of ESP’s service spectrum. These services are also called as cloud based autoresponders, or cloud based email marketing services. Some of the ESPs have separate divisions for both Marketing and Transactional mailing.

Keeping the detailed discussion aside, let’s talk about the other type of solution you can opt to send bulk emails. This one is the one that you setup on your own mail server, using all required software components and protocols. It typically requires having MTA software as well as self-hosted email marketing software for effective lists, subscribers and campaign management. Solution with own mail server may require to put some extra technical effort, but it is more flexible than the former one.

People often confuses the two solutions, while you make a search for Email Marketing Software, instead of you being shown the results of some email marketing software choices, you will be displayed most of the results of well-known ESPs or cloud based email solutions. Other than the links to the service providers, some software review websites or even forum links would appear in the searches. When you click on some of the top results, you may be introduced to MailChimp, AWeber mixing it with Interspire email marketer etc. both as email marketing software, knowing that there is a great deal of difference between MailChimp solution and IEM. So as a result, often the software providers would recieve purely ESP related queries.

How many email credits I will be provided?

What’s the monthly sending limit?

If you are going to configure your own mailing infrastructure and looking for the software for it, self-hosted email marketing software may return with better results.

The earlier mentioned MailChimp or Awber should fall in famous ESP solutions, as they have not only managed their infrastructure with an email marketing software, but they also have well-tuned their infrastructure with other utilities and prerequisites like MTA application. For example in case of MailChimp, they have used market leader commercial MTA application and message system known as PowerMTA to achieve efficient execution. And they have done well so far, and have managed to maintain a system sending 1 billion emails daily,

But if you are interested in the setup of own mailing server, better is to search keywords other than just simple email marketing software. You can search variations like Self-Hosted Email Marketing Software, Self-Hosted Autorespodners or simply Autoresponder software etc.

In result of the above mentioned, you most probably be shown links of self-hosted email marketing software like Sendy, arpReach etc, and may be some discussion forum links would introduce you to some of the famous combination to setup self-hosted email marketing infrastructure, like Sendy and Amazon SES, PowerMTA and Interspire and even PowerMTA and Mumara.

Mumara falls into the category of self-hosted email marketing software, with bunch of exclusive features including built-in autoresponders. Together Mumara and PowerMTA constitutes the best suitable combination to setup mailing server for high volume sending, since Mumara is highly optimized to well-tune the PowerMTA server. So hopefully, now you have a better view of the difference between the self-hosted email software and ESP solution.