Deliver on Right Time

Increase message response rates by delivering it when the recipients expect to receive and engage. Fill the time-zone gap between you and your customer beyond boarders; schedule your campaigns for the best suitable time & date.

Spam Content Protection

Spam is the dilemma of this age of digital communication that every legit sender wants to avoid. Avoid getting flagged for your content, get notified upon using one or more banned words/phrases while creating the content of your campaign.

Sender-ID Rotation

Some carriers tend to block repeated messages from the same sender for suspected spam attempt. We have got you covered by giving an option to use multiple Sender-IDs to automatically rotate across the recipients of your campaign.

Largely Trusted by Digital Natives Worldwide

Companies and brands across the globe trusted Mumara to help them capitalize potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to expend their wings.

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