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MumaraSMS: Engage Customers on the Move

SMS Marketing and Text Engagement Campaigns with Global Coverage

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The Best Decision You can make to Enhance Your Reach

Fuel your multi-channel marketing and customer communication strategy with text messaging. Create engaging text campaigns and get your text read within seconds of delivery. Reach right on your customer’s mobile with important billing reminders, service notifications and alert messages.

Integrated Contact Validation

Every Message Sent is Every Message Delivered

Get your list processed through validation, automatically separate out the undeliverable contacts before sending, and ensure every message sent is every message delivered.

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From your Sender-ID

Choose your Company’s ID to Send From

Improve chances of getting your message read by sending it from the Sender-ID that your recipient recognize and relate with. Use alphanumeric Sender-ID to make the right impact.

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More Relevancy more Engagement

Keep your message relevant individually for every customer in your list by creating content that appeals your recipient on personal levels. More recipients engaged are more sales secured.

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Get Connected via REST API

Integrate our well-documented, easy to use developer’s friendly REST API and enable interactions via SMS. Improve your customer’s experience by sending them confirmation messages via texts. Automate your SMS reminders to get delivered on the right time and to the right customer. You moreover can easily register a sender-ID associated with your company or brand, to make it sure that even if you are using Send Message API, your messages are sent not from an anonymous number but from your own Sender-ID.

SMS Marketing and Beyond

Everything you need to compose, send and scale your text messages with high-level of precision. Just one account and you are connected with the global mobile carriers of 190 plus destinations. No matter in which country your contacts are located, you can reach them within seconds’ right on their mobile. From startups to large enterprises, marketers to non-profit organizations, financial organizations to digital wallets, we have compilation of all essential and dynamic features fit for everyone’s requirements.

Get your Contacts Organized

Create list with appropriate places to save not just contact names and contact numbers, store as much information as you know about your contacts. Their geographical information, demographic details gender to their job title and gender, whatever you know can be used later.

Make use of Smart Sending

Don’t want to send it now? Put it off for the later time & date that best suits your campaign. Manage sending to the customers beyond boarders, schedule for the most convenient time to hit the customer’s mobile, and fill the time zone gap easily.

Reporting and Performance Analysis

See how much of the messages are successfully delivered, and learn what happened to the contacts that returned with some failure. Review reports and logs of every campaign you sent, extract meaningful insights from the available data and draw performance analysis graphs.

Largely Trusted by Digital Natives Worldwide

Companies and brands across the globe trusted Mumara to help them capitalize potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to expend their wings.

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