One Engine, Billions of Campaigns.

MumaraOne is a simplified intelligent marketing automation tool.

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MumaraOne allows Scalable Emails for Modern Businesses.
Upgrade your branding, change the game rules.

Reach More Ears in Lesser Time

Stop wondering how to route back clients to you. Just make it happen with the magical MumaraOne.

Help Sluggish Customers Run

Some people need a push. Some people need a few. Boost your sales by pivoting customers.

Nourish Immature Leads into Conversions

Not every person who lands on your page shops right away. Keep an eye on the visitors & nurture sales.

Save Time For More Creative Work

Leave the tedious and repetitive tasks to MumaraOne. Automate workflow & Grow your business.

Increase sales by an average of 150% by personalizing the user experience.

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Bring back lost customers

Track your customers from wherever they are in the digital verse and bring them back to you through Mumara’s customer tracking strategies. Simple & effective.

Deliver strategic marketing to converge behavior

No customer is too hard to get with Mumara’s Intelligence. Trigger the customer’s behavior with contextually sound marketing automation. Give your strategy a brain of its own.

Omnichannel CRM

Design consistently surprising, methodological and engaging drip campaigns. Usher customers from multiple platforms. Transform brand recall, customer affection & response rates.

Actionable Analytics

Business metamorphosis through simple automation and intelligent campaign design. Enjoy absolute control over future performance through Mumara’s analytical toolset.

Scientific art of catching the low hanging fruit

Customers who left you hanging will return.  Make them want more of you once again. Remarket to the already willing customer & seal the deal.

Get into the client DNA

So your client wants you to play catch with them? Hardball them with MumaraOne’s Personalized Marketing toolkit. Play with the client’s sweet spot. Tap deep into their cognitive makeup.

Relish your piece of cake

Using the MumaraOne is as easy as gorging on a cake. Simple drag and drop building studio, enjoyable results

High achieving report cards

Beat Your Competitors & Fulfill Your Nerdy Marketing Needs. Complete Campaign Testing and Real-Time Reporting At Your Service. Let the tech do its job. And score top of your industry.

Maximize Output, Minimize Effort.

Save time and energy for special things with Mumara’s Unbeatable & Creative Campaign Builder.


“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one reminds them to.”

― Banksy

Extra Goodies for Avid Marketers.

People are absolutely loving Mumara, check it out for real.


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Automate your marketing tasks in one powerful engine.

Become marketers of the year with MumaraOne.

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