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MumaraOne is simple, creative and intelligent. Try the latest features to communicate with your customers. Automate your marketing funnel today. Increase convergence.
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Personalized Marketing, Broadcasts, Newsletters, Follow-Up’s, Reminders & More.

Contact List Management

Manage thousands of usable leads in simple, organized and effective lists with MumaraOne.

Create & Manage

Create lists manually or import a file. Mumara lets you do them both. Keep your clients well organized under lists, groups, and segments.

Custom Fields

Remove or add fields as per your needs to customize the messages for each unique receiver. This is ideal for sending special promos based on each receiver’s activity, birthday wishes and more.

Suppression Lists

Need to remove any contacts from your mailing list? Do so without pain with a simple Suppression List.

Smart Segmentation

Sift, organize and choreograph your contact data into small marketable chunks. Use these segments or chunks of similar people to create powerful targeted campaigns for these.

Filtered Segmentation

You need to give your emails a human sound and feel to them. To help you do this, you can use Mumara’s creative solutions to organize data for sensible usage. Nobody has time for generic spam. You should use MumaraOne’s intelligence. But, first you gotta have intelligence of your own to choose MumaraOne.

Mix & Match

Choose from a huge range of GeoFilters, Browser & Os based, Demographic, Activity-Based, Subscriber-Based Filters & More. Use combinations of filters to create interesting and creative segments for selective marketing. There are no limits to MumaraOne. Refine your target recipient list and get better results.


Keep the creative work for you and let Mumara handle your emails professionally, smoothly and much more efficiently than any number of people you can hire for your business.

Drip campaigns

Send a series of systematic emails that are predesigned by you to each user based on their activity and place in the marketing funnel. This is a creative way of scheduling emails according to your client’s interest even before they join you. A drip campaign can be based on the contact’s activity, your goals and/or on the stats that Emails are generating.

Define, Automate and Relax!

Mumara lets you define Events & Triggers. These will automate your campaigns, broadcasts & more, for you. An event is anything that can happen. The trigger employees an action when that event happens. The contact’s activity, a date, time, or occassion etc, are events. The trigger can be defined to automate an action once the event happens.

Evergreen Campaigns

Some campaigns are like diamonds. These are designed to last forever. These require little attention and they deliver a lot of benefits. Design them, save them and keep sending them out without the customer getting bored of you.

Event-Based Triggers

Give your e-mails a brain of their own. Employ triggers to manipulate the drip campaigns, broadcasts & more. Choose the triggers, as events happen the work gets automated itself. Push your client to take a step in your direction.

Campaign Builder

Try the Campaign building tools and save a lot of effort otherwise spent in creating good looking, flattering emails.

Design to Entice

You can design beautiful emails, updates, and newsletters out of the templates available to you. No need to hire any designers, basic aesthetic sense would do with the MumaraOne Templates.

Design with Ease

No need to code. Simply drag and drop into the email builder. You can also use the HTML editor if you feel comfortable. Create awesome marketing campaigns easily.


A clever marketer tries the best tricks in the book to averse risk for the business to grow strategically. MumaraOne can be that Marketer for you.

A/B Testing

Can’t choose between several marketing styles? Send all at once. Gauge the response, enjoy the statistics and formulate your future strategy based on actionable analytics.

Split Testing

Find the right strategy for you. Do this by sending many email samples to small microcosms of your sending lists. Then gauge the response lead by sending the best one to the remaining list.

Personalized Marketing

No two brains work the same. Personalize emails to give them a human match-making touch.

Subject Lines

Try quirky subject lines, indulge yourself in catchy marketing stunts and spoil yourself all you want with the custom subject lines with MumaraOne.

Variable Messages

Wish your clients Birthdays, Festival Greetings and more with easy automation and Named Personalization. Tap into their DNA, tap into who they are.

Spin Tags

Make sure your emails are not hitting spam. Spin the text up through our intelligent, creative and automatic spinners. Bring the ball back into your court.

Dynamic Content Tags

Use tags that make your content pop out. Regard them with their names, send holiday greetings & do more based on their demographics.

Swift Sending

Improve the speed of the sending activity, make your business look bigger by customising your domain through masks and reduce the chances of failure with custom email headers.

Branded Emails

Give your emails the branded sass it needs. Mumara lets you brand your emails and customise the sending domain to give you that chic look that any premium business deserves.


Make emails much more impactful by preparing the content accordingly. Add Dynamic Content Tags, Personalization and more to make them amazing, special and heartfelt.

Custom Email Headers

Headers can send tracking systems to your contacts with your emails. To extract juicy intelligence use the Custom Email Headers. Know what each recipient is upto.

Ecommerce Email Powerhouse

Step 1: Catch them with an enticing promo subscription-only offer.
Step 2: Give them more incentive and welcome them on board with a short primer
on a relationship with you. This is like a dating profile bio for your brand.
Step 3: Engage the target and promulgate desire for your products.
Step 4: Keep the reminders and the sweet messages rolling in to keep the romance alive.
Step 5: Enjoy repeat sales and customer satisfaction handed to you on a golden platter.

Product Recommendations & Integrations Directory

The more you show, the more you sell. Don’t flood the customer with useless junk. Care to personalize. Invest some of Mumara’s brain into integrating products. An API integration Specialist can help you out with this. Connect these dots and do the search for the customer.

First Purchase Coupons

The customer just signed up, they are viewing things and actively judging your band. Allow them to be nice by giving them a unique first purchase coupon. Or even better, use the first purchase coupon to lure them in to sign up for the email subscription real smooth. Extra subscribers, more reach, even more sales.

Restock Notifications

Customers want things that are out of stock. Make your business look big by showing to them that so many of your things run out of stock on a daily basis. Create hype. And quickly allow customers to sign up and allow them to buy it asap when your stock is refilled say a week or over the weekend.

Loyalty Promos

You customer visits your page again and again, give them a loyalty boost by celebrating their loyalty. Send them private loyalty promos made specially for them *wink* and let them buy even more.

Order Follow Up

So you have been sending your customers loyalty promos, reminders and stock updates? Make sales and follow up. Ask them if they loved their order, would they like to review it and can they make any suggestions?

Reengagement Reminders

Ask them why they left & give them incentive to return. Motivate & converge customers with Abandoned Carts Reminders and Friendly Restock Notifications to tap into recapturing lost sales and rejuvenate your business!

Welcome Notifications

Send the subscribers a welcome onboard email. Tell them what to expect from your subscription service and offer them to visit your latest products. You can also send promos right away to engage and converge.

Marketing Wizard

Here’s to us taking the genius product ten notches up! Meet our marketing wizard, this adds creative magic to everything.

Detailed Mumara Handbook and Blog

The detailed Mumara handbook allows you to execute all tasks properly. The Handbook and the Blog show you how MumaraOne give’s your business wings. Learn and Fly High!

Cheat Sheet For Beginners

We have developed a cheat sheet for a quick and simple marketing assessment for your business. Print it and check how well is your marketing strategy. Grow with MumaraOne and expert advice from Marketers.

ProSupport Help

Stuck? Let us help you through extensive help guides and human-end help desk. We will not annoy you because we take care of our clients. Just let us know what you need. Although Mumara is so easy you can do it all by yourself!