Marketing glossary for beginners.

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A/B Testing

During the start of any marketing strategy, devise two or more ways to communicate your message. You can choose different tones or languages to talk to your audience. Or choose different color combinations. Choose different subject lines. Now create different types of email campaigns. Once you do you will realize that it is had to choose between the top five or four. Or ten for that matter. Send them all out. Once you send these to the audience, you can see which one performed better. You can keep that strategy in mind or as your anchor for the future. This is the basis of A/B testing. You can gauge the conversion rate through analyzing goals such as the percentage of people who click on a link, complete a form, or make a purchase.

Abandoned Cart

These are the carts of lazy clients who still need a push. The product is lying in their carts and they are still thinking despite reaching the final check out page. You can make that final push and increase your sales. An effective strategy for such people can help in not only increasing the final checkout activity but also improve the relationship with the customers. The customers will know you are watching and that you care through personalized named emails that MumaraOne lets you send to your contact list.

API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is a set of protocols designed to create communication between two different software or programs. This can help in linking your e-commerce store to MumaraOne’s intelligence services. You can automate a lot more with such an integration.

AI (artificial intelligence)

With MumaraOne you get to use Artificial Intelligence to make your emails intelligent. This way your emails can decide what should be done based on triggers and events that you select. Everything will be according to your liking. But, you will not have to interfere with each issue. This Artificial Intelligence helps you to teach MumaraOne how to run your strategy as creatively and interactively as a human brain would have it do. But, better. Your marketing strategy will be implemented as per the set of rules you determine, you basically tell Mumara how to run your campaign it does it for better and more efficiently than any number of employees that you can hire.


Everything that happens with the emails you send, the contacts you enter is being recorded. This gets recorded in your profile. This enormous amount of TB’s worth of information can be interpreted in different ways and through different inbuilt tools of the MumaraOne. These tools bring out the Actionable Analytics that can help in deciphering the best possible strategy and understand customer engagement with your products.

These analytics can be valuable to the performance of the brand in the future. It can help you employ unique strategies that affect single customers within segments on different levels. The information can act like feedback and help you in optimizing your strategy for the best possible results. Analytics may include factors like click-through-rates, opening rates, time spent on the email, time spent on the linked opened and more. Such metrics can change the fate of your brand and induce collective growth and resource optimization.

Behavioral Segmentation

The idea of behavioral segmentation refers to the division of the customer market into small chunks based on their behaviors and activities. These small chunks or segments are easy to market to. Best possible marketing ideas can be devised for each group and result in the best possible strategy that is optimized to the receiver’s behavioral patterns making it much more effective.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit your website or open the email but close it right away without exploring other pages. These people are bored or unimpressed. This is why you need excellent content on your website, in your emails and in every link you are putting into your website. Longer the time spent on your website, the greater its influence is going to be. More influence will yield greater conversions.

Branded Emails

Brand your emails and make them attractive for your people. A brand has to be consistent in is messaging. You are not brand until everything you do comes in branded packaging. When you do this for actual postage then why not emails as well. Use MumaraOne’s white-labeled domains and convert people to follow and celebrate your brand.


The response to an email is not the same for all the receivers. Some people read the whole email and work towards an inbox zero. Others try to read it but stop midway, others do not even bother to skim it. This is why it is essential to send the right kind of email to each person. The right content of the email will result in clicks. Clicks mean that the user is going here you want them to. This could be to a signup page, a product page or anything at all. The click shows that your message is working. A clicker can be treated as a segment within your target audience that is interested and responsive to the stimulus you send them.

CTA (Call-to-action)

This is one of the most important parts of your emails. Sure you can send an email for informational purposes. But, nothing you do as a brand can not carry your selling proposition. It is essential to make the receiver do something with what you are sending them. It can be signing up, upgrading, buying, subscribing or anything tall. You’re intentional behind your campaign should translate into a CTA and be placed on email. A button that says ‘Buy Now’, ‘See more’, ‘Take the tour’, ‘Get started’, are all examples of a CTA.

Content Marketing

Messages are no longer static. Use Multi-dimensional ways to communicate. Create unique messages using multi mediums and innovate, interactive tools. Your ad copy, the tone you use, the color palette, your user’s journey with your brand are all components of marketing through the use of content creation. The blogs you create, documentaries you are making, Tweets you are sending and the Newsletters you make are all examples of Content Marketing. You use information and entertainment as a way to build desire for your brand and your products.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of your sent emails can be calculated by dividing the total number of actions over the total number of emails. Then you multiply this number by 100 to derive at a percentage. This percentage is your.

CTR (click-through-rate)

The number of people who click or tap on the links in your email contributes to the click-through-rate.

Custom Fields

Remove or add fields as per your needs to customize the messages for each unique receiver. This is ideal for sending special promos based on each receiver’s activity, birthday wishes and more.

Customer Journey

The customer journey outlines the stages people need to go through before they are ready to purchase your item over and over again.

Customer Journey Segmentation

Through customer journey segmentation you can divide your target market into small chunks based on their position in their journey to buying from your brand. This can help in giving them the push that they need the most through spot-on, unique and intelligent message delivery.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

By improving communication with your customer you can improve your brand satisfaction levels. This can be done through customer-relationship marketing. An integrated marketing approach allows any brand to appear much more professional, fair-principles and humane. This can lead to a more cohesive marketing strategy implementation as well as campaign results.

Deliverability Rate

The deliverability rate is the rate of the emails that have been delivered to the end-user versus the number of emails sent by you. Not all emails make it to the desired email address. Some bounce and others are marked as spam by the user or the ISP. This is why you need to know the deliverability rate in figure if the performance is up to benchmarks or not.

Demographic Segmentation

Create smaller segments within your target market. These smaller chunks of people can be created on demographic similarities and intelligence. You can manage relationships, content delivery and marketing strategy according to the demographics of these people.

Double Opt-In

When you ask your potential subscribers to sign up for newsletters, updates, and emails from your side you allow them to opt-in to your marketing plan. IF you double-check this opt-in by asking them to verify in their email address through replying or verifying the subscription it because of a double opt-in. You can use this method to improve your sending score.

Drag and Drop Builder

The Campaign Builder has a set of tools designed to save a lot of effort otherwise spent in creating good looking, flattering emails.

If you want your design team to take care of your business, then you can save resources, and effort for far more complicated than designing, which MumaraOne has simplified for you! Email Templates, Drag & Drop Builder and a WYSIWYG Editor to make your life easier. This is ideal if you want creative control of your own business.

Drip Marketing

Never let all your cards out at once. Reveal them slowly and strategically. Make sure your clients are receiving all the emails they need timely and on point. Pre-empt what would make people buy, this is just like enthusiastic and tactical shopkeepers chanting sentences at you as you buy. Do that, but on a much more subtle and decent note that would suit any brand no matter how high end or every. Do this in a systematic way with the drip campaigns.

Drip Campaign

A drip is a series of messages. The campaign means a set of messages with the same theme or context. For example, the welcome email is not just a single one-time email it can be a campaign. A drip campaign is a series of emails that you have already designed, scheduled and ascribed triggers to even before people are made eligible tor receive these emails. These can be in the form of email sequences that are completely made beforehand or some parts of them may be left to dynamic content tags and personalization abilities of the MumaraOne.

Dynamic Content

Use dynamic tags that make your content pop out for the receivers. Greet them about the weather in their city or a holiday that they may celebrate based on their demographics, build stronger relationships through MumaraOne’s Dynamic Tags. Send personalized emails depending on each specific user’s age, gender, demographics, and even product interests.

Email Marketing

Using emails to improve your relationship with your customers and to communicate content, updates, news and more you can use the tool fo email marketing. This is an effective choice, it gives you great actionable analytics, and willingness of the clients to hear from you. This is a lot more consensual that watching ads on television or social media.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is the result of dividing the number of people who interacted or engaged with the message, campaign or stimulus you sent over the total number of people that you reached out to. It is a quality metric to gauge your overall marketing performance.

Event-based Triggers

Give your e-mails a brain of their own. Yes! That can happen with Mumara. Employ triggers and use these triggers to manipulate the drip campaigns and broadcasts. You choose the triggers, your clients choose the events. When these combine what happens is extraordinarily sharp, smart and on-point emails that push your client to take a step in your direction.

Evergreen Content

These require little attention and they deliver a lot of benefits. Design them, save them and keep sending them out without the customer getting bored of you.

Filtered Segmentation

You choose from a huge range of Geographical Filters, Browser & Os based Filters, Demographic, Durational Patterns, Subscriber Based filters and more to sift your clients and target each one of them based on their special needs deciphered from their activity or interests. Use multiple combinations of filters to create various interesting and creative segments.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking refers to the concept of hacking your way up to increase the scale of the business through cheap, free and sometimes unordinary ways. These tricks or hacks can be useful for small startups while they are io their bootstrapping mode. Growth hacking s also ideal for people who wish to keep the costs minimal until the sales are a lot more stable than the status quo. Growth hacking can be a valuable part of any brand’s pre-break even marketing strategy. And email marketing can be a valuable part of growth hacking strategy overall.

Hard Bounce

A hard bounce is an email failure, this is whereby the email never makes it to the intended inbox because of a poor sending reputation.

Inbox Zero

This is a modern technology goal that says that a person should have zero unread messages. This is becoming a big thing in today’s minimalist corporate culture. So if you are not sending the client valuable content in your emails, they will unsubscribe you rather than open and read or sort daily.

Interactive Emails

These allow you to add links, images, and text in a way that can make the experience much more interactive for the end recipient.


Trend-jacking or jacking is a content marketing strategy that many email newsletter senders use. They comment on the most viral subject, news headline or show how their brand adds value to the subject through their own quotes, confession and more. This is a popular way to become among social media and public interest.


A user will input very few words in their search bar when looking for an email. They are likely to search the name of your company if they want something from you. This is why the keywords that represent you must be present in the subject of your email. Search results are most likely to be derived from the text in the subject and mail text body of the email.


A lead is a complete customer profile. This means that any business that has gotten in touch with you and given you there complete address, contacts, and details are your lead. These are ready o be converged but they may be looking for the right product or service quality from you.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a way to market to your potential and existing clients through technologically advanced software and artificial intelligence along with your will and desires. MumaraOne is an all-in-one marketing automation platform. You enter what you want and Mumara makes it happen for you.

Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel corress[onds to the sales funnel. This is a way to segregate groups of people into smaller sections whereby you can gauge what stage of the purchase process do each one of them lies at. This helps in understand and pushing through clients in the sales process and making the sales faster and seamless. The top of the funnel is when a customer learns about your brand and interacts for the first time. The bottom of the funnel is the section of your clients who are ready to make a purchase and converging into actual customers.


Sending nodes or nodes refer to the sending identity of your email. You can customize this domain name to make it look like it is branded and owned by you. This is why a sending node is essential to a marketer.


Not every user opens the email that they signed up for. This is because nobody has an inbox zero. The people who open your email regularly and be called the openers and these can be prioritized based on the kind f subscription they have signed up for.

Opt-in Marketing

When a customer willingly subscribes to your content in the shape of emails updates, newsletters and more, they become a part of your opt-in marketing program.

Personalized Emails

No two people are alike. Why should their emails be? You can use unique persuasion techniques, appeals, promotions, tactics, personalized content and even jokes for apt conversions. Will Annie and Marie ever wear the same shoe size? No! They will never like the same product either! Use creative marketing to make it effective. Add value to the user’s life by finding the right products and offers for the users so that the client adds the revenue back into your pocket. This is done through personalized email marketing.

Qualified leads

These are the contacts that are ready to be converged. You need no more information from them you know what they want to buy but they need a push and you need a confirmation from them to sell.

Re-engagement Email

A re-engagement email refers to n email that is sent to allow the user to return to you. This email is created to remind the recipient of your brand and urged you to engage again. This can be a message that says that you are sad that the user couldn’t complete the cart activity ore you could say that the recipient can now enjoy a 10% discount coupon on the things in their cart, anything that reminds them to continue activity on your website is a reengagement email.

Sender Score

The sender score is the reputation of your IP among internet service providers. In order to have a good reputation, you need to warm up your IP well. Poor reputation means that you are being detected as a spammer. You need to improve your reputation and continue sending at your current volume afterward or it can worsen.

Smart Segment

Smart segments let you sift, organize and choreograph your contact data into small marketable chunks. Use these segments or chunks of similar people to create powerful targeted campaigns for these.

Soft Bounce

When an email is not weak or improper and it is ready to reach the intended inbox and still is returned to the sender it is a soft bounce. This means that there was nothing wrong with the emails but perhaps the inbox was full or not ready for the email.

Spam Filters

The email service providers of the receivers employ special filtering software. These are called spam filters. Their job is to find spammy content to limit it. This can be accidental through poor sending IP reputation. It can also be cheated through things like MumaraOne’s spin tags.

Spin Tags

The idea is that the spam filters are not always accurate and it is important to keep them at bay this is why we need spin tags. Spin tags spin the words that may be sensed as spam. A word like discount, coupon or sale, for example, can be detected as spam even if it is not. This is why MumaraOne’s spin tags are quintessential for better emails.

Subject Lines

These are the first part of the emails you send that becomes visible to the user. This has to be catchy. Precise ad yet comprehensive enough. The subject line is where you tell the recipient what the email is about. You can also use this area to grab attention and send an engaging message which is read even if the email is not opened by the receiver.

Transactional Emails

This is a type of automated email. It is different than promotional emails. Promotional emails are a kind of transactional email that is triggered by events, activity, or interests of the user as defined by the marketer. Transactional emails can be order and query related. These emails are predesigned and applied to certain actions by the marketer to automate communication.

Unique Visitors

The number of people who come to your website are your visitors. Counting each visitor only once will regardless of the frequency of their visit give you unique visitors.


The visitors are the people who just opened your page. You can also look at the annual, monthly or total number of visors that visited a link that you own. The number of visitors can be a performance and vanity metric for any marketer.

White Labeling

Brand your emails and make them attractive for your people. A brand has to be consistent in is messaging. You are not brand until everything you do comes in branded packaging. When you do this for actual postage then why not emails as well. Use MumaraOne’s white-labeled domains and convert people to follow and celebrate your brand.


Xanthippe was Socrates’ wife. She was overbearing, loud and very cantankerous this is exactly what your emails should not be like.


The opposite of precise and everything nice. A big no for any marketer! Creatively short and valuable intelligence is the way to go.

Zombie Marketing

These are strategies that could have worked a million years ago not anymore. Do not be redundant. Be wiser and upgrade technology and trends upgrade. A brand can not afford to be redundant or it will be the next big thing to fail, that could have been great.