Backup Frequency

You don’t need to do the manual work of taking backups anymore. Just setup the system to take backups on daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can select days of the week to take backups on like on Monday, Wednesday or Friday only, and for the monthly backup you can select dates of the month to automatically backup your database, like 1st of the Month or both 1st and 15th date of the month.

Backup Retention Limit

Setup retention limit separately for Monthly, Weekly and Daily backup, after which system will automatically remove it by replacing it with the recent most copy of the backup. Like in the case of Weekly backup, if you put forward 2 as retention limit, system will retain a backup for 2 weeks after which it will be replaced with a fresh copy.

Backup Storage Options

Enable your system to store backup through FTP on a storage server of your choice, you will just provide the FTP details and system will automatically transfer backup on preset frequency (Weekly, Monthly or Daily). Or synchronize your Dropbox account with Mumara Campaigns to automatically store your backups on cloud storage.

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