Email List Management

From startups to established companies, keeping a system in place to hold business contacts is critical for sustainable business growth. Mumara Campaigns offers comprehensive set of functions to create, manage, classify and operate with the email contact lists more effectively.

Create & Manage

Create list and list groups to better categorize the list of one sort, perform number of quick actions to manage the list and the contacts within.

Custom Fields

Get rid of storing contacts data in limited number of fields, use custom field function to store additional contact info. Setup as many as you find necessary.

Suppression List

Control how and who do you want to communicate, setup “Don’t Send to List” and automatically omit unwanted emails, domains and IPs while sending your campaigns.

Cohesive Process of Automation

Mumara Campaigns offers altogether a new way of workflow automation, creating series of auto follow-ups, creating drip campaigns and setting up event based triggers to automatically take a variety of actions when a contact qualifies for the preset event criteria. Explore the potential of automation to target right audience based on purchase history, behavior and preferences.


Keep recipients interest intact through a sequence of drip campaigns to be delivered automatically. Build and automatically execute the sales workflow that your team can easily follow-up without constant manual work.

Event Based Triggers

Perform a list of actions based on events and give data driven marketing a forward push. Automatically trigger emails when the contacts meet present criteria, celebrate momentous events with contacts and explore several other possibilities with Event Based Triggers.

Smart Segments

Segmentation with all new possibilities to deeply dig your database and create contact groups of similar sort, and segments of contacts with comparable behavior. These better targeted small groups of contacts will help to significantly improve customer engagement and message response rate. Create your next targeted subset using extensive list of filters available at your disposal.

Swift Sending


Accelerate the process of supplying emails to the mail server by setting up system to perform sending activity utilizing parallel connections.

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Multiple Sending Nodes

With Mumara Campaigns, a sending node can be connected to variety of couriers and multiple among the connected ones can be selected to send emails from.

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Sending/Masking Domains

Offers you the extra advantage to not only setup multiple masking domains but also select the ones you prefer for sending email engagement campaigns.

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Split Testing

Test different version of campaign in laboratory environment and deliver the best variant of the campaign to ensure maximum conversion rate.

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Flexibility & Customization

Customize the sending pattern according to your preferences and control sending date and time to leave best possible impact.

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Custom Email Header

Customize email header of your campaign or SMTP individually for each campaign/SMTP, or even for the groups.

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Contact Management

Better management of your business contacts illuminates the chances of cross and upsell. Bring in all type of your contacts to store, manage and organize them at one place. Classify and categorize contacts within the lists of your choice.

Store & Manage

Mumara Campaigns offers amazingly simple way to store and classify contact information within the desired lists. Manage, organize contact details and use smart search operation to quickly search and view specific contact from the large database.

Importing Contacts

Use import function to conveniently and speedily store large amount of contact details to the desired contact list, with ability to select an appropriate option to manage the duplicate entries. Import function is more stable where speed doesn’t affect accuracy.

Bulk Contact Update

Bulk contact update function supports performing specific action or updating status of large amount of contacts in one go. Delete large amount of contacts, update the status of bulk contacts to Unsubscribe, Soft or Hard Bounce using Bulk Contact Update.

Campaigns & Reporting

Create aesthetically striking HTML campaigns using integrated WSYWYG editor. Schedule to send the campaigns on the desired date & time and to the contacts within the selected list(s), or even to the contacts separated from the list(s) and belongs to a specific Segment.

Regular or Evergreen Campaign

Send your campaign at desired date & time as a Regular email campaign, or setup your campaign to repeat the sending process automatically on preset frequency as Evergreen Email Campaign. Both types of campaigns can be sent to the contacts within a list or contacts within specific Segment.

Reporting with Geolocation Tool

With addition to primary reporting metrics to learn how your campaigns are doing, Mumara Campaigns collects and shows advanced geo location statistics of opens, clicks, unsubscribed contacts and such. It monitors every email and reveals insightful information with regard to the campaign you send.

Content & Personalization

Content remains integral part of email marketing success. As long as it stays relevant for the one whom you are sending it to, the chances of success remain intact. Mumara Campaigns offers number of options to add dynamic value and fill your content with relevance.

Custom Variables

Use contact information stored within the data fields to create custom variables. Personalized content will help you boost the response rate.

Dynamic Content Tag

Put forward criteria to dynamically deliver separate content to specific number of contacts automatically upon meeting the preset criteria.


Rotate content to keep it unique and refreshing by adding variations in your content through the use of powerful Spintag feature.

Effectively Handle Bounces and Spam

High quality email list is essence of whole email marketing; don’t let it contaminated with bounces and abuse complaints that pose the biggest threat to your sender reputation. Collect, categorize and process bounced and abuse complaint emails on time with Mumara Campaigns to avoid the damage.

Bounce Processing

Mumara Campaigns offers bunch of options to better classify and process the delivery failures according to your preferences. Select your preferred way of processing the bounces and define custom rules to categorize the bounce as hard or soft.

FBL Processing

Avoid doing the mistake of repeat sending to spam complainants. Use built-in tool within Mumara Campaigns to identify and process the spam right on time, and ensure compliance to one of the must follow practice of email sending.

Largely Trusted by Digital Natives Worldwide

Companies and brands across the globe trusted Mumara to help them capitalize potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to expend their wings.

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