Mumara Campaigns

Profile Management & Security

You have the flexibility to modify the settings and add additional security to your account.

Two-Factor Authentication to make your account bullet-proof

Enable Two-Factor Authentication to secure the Mumara account from unauthorized access. This authentication method requires both a username and password as well as a personalized authentication code before each login.

Time zone and reporting

Manage tasks based on your selected local or preferred time zone. Mumara facilitates the Time Zone function of the program to be changed for a better outcome and helps improve reporting based on your preferred time zone.

Restrict access to only trusted IP addresses

Restrict Mumara’s account accessibility to specific IP addresses or a block of IP addresses. Once permitted, only permitted IP addresses will be able to sign in.

View and manage active sessions

Keep an eye on the current login sessions so as to utilize an extra security parameter. Terminate any suspicious activity to stop your account from being compromised.
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