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Personalization Options

The hype of email personalization is everywhere and everyone acknowledges that creating personalized content can significantly improve the email response rate.

Increase the engagements by using profile fields in the broadcasts

Add the fields pertaining to the particulars of the contact into the email to make it appear that it was specifically sent by the sender for the receiver who is viewing the email. Send personalized emails that consist of all the details regarding the contact information of the recipient such as name, company, and more.

Use spintags to bring variations in the email body

Spintag offers the capability to spin the word from your preset variations to help make the email body and headers look unique. This permits the mail to bypass a number of spam filters by producing distinctive body content.

Make tailor perfect content by using dynamic content tags

Dynamic Content Tag helps to include content based on the matching criteria of recipient data, broadcast and campaign parameters, “what time, date, or day is it”, and so on, which escalates conversion rates to 1200%.

Strike the recipients on target with inline conditional content

Inline conditional content is an additional benefit to email personalization options and lets you add programmable if/else conditions in a simplified way e.g. [if:first_name=Ahmad]Your first name is Ahmad[else]Your first name isn't Ahmad[endif], etc.

Segmented campaigns based on custom audiences

Segmented email campaigns are the key to success! By targeting a specific group of people with similar interests, you're able to create a message that is relevant and interesting to them.

Utilize engagement data to predict the purchasing patterns

The recipient's engagement information, though regarded as only raw data, can potentially be used to meticulously optimize content targeting for the best possible outcomes. Use the engagements information of the recipients to retarget them with optimized campaigns.
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