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Suppression Management

Avoid problematic recipients from destroying your IP address or Domain’s reputation, such as spam traps, honey pots, complainers, etc, by adding them to the suppression.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Suppress the problematic people or traps

Don’t let anyone destroy the IP/Domain reputation by adding the problematic email addresses to the suppression list so that they don’t receive any further emails from the system, and the sender's reputation remains intact.

Preserve email deliverability with domain suppression

Having deliverability issues with specific domains or being prone to bounces are blocking the deliveries. Suppress such domains to focus on the deliverability and your IP/Domain reputation. It will help to continue sending emails to the domains where you get a green signal.

Suppress the contacts having past engagements with specific IP addresses

In certain cases, you may need to suppress the contacts who performed an engagement with specific IP addresses e.g. bots, spam traps, etc. IP suppression will help you do the job!

Automatic synchronization of the contacts with suppression lists

Mumara synchronizes the contacts with the suppression lists automatically when there is a new contact added or removed, and the same process occurs when there is a new entry in any of the suppression lists.

Tagging suppression lists with the “references”

Assign a reference (tag) to the suppressed emails, domains, or IPs while adding or importing them to the suppression lists so that you can identify them afterward and perform bulk removal when required.

Remove suppression reference to flush associated entries

Bulk delete suppressed entries by deleting its reference. It gives you an opportunity to remove all email addresses and domains from the suppression table that are associated with the reference that is being deleted.

Encrypted suppression

This feature plays a key role in data security when advertisers deny providing the suppression lists in plain text format. A list of md5 encrypted emails addresses can be imported that should work for the suppression.
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