Mumara Campaigns

User Management & Packages

Create marketing plans that offer greater value than your competitors and sell them to make a better living.

Create multiple user roles as per the packages

Mumara Campaigns facilitates the creation of a number of users for commercial purposes. Determine the extent to which features can be accessed with user roles.

Make packages that stand out with cool features

Create packages for the users and define what daily and monthly usage limits are. In addition, pre-configured assets can be assigned so that users have ready-to-use accounts.

Multiple user accounts

Enable your customers to make independent accounts and register them. The user data between user accounts are kept confidential, and Mumara will run as your source of revenue.

Keep a check by logging in as user

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Admin access to the user accounts
Keep an eye on the user activity. Mumara provides site admins with the capability to log in as the user at any time.
Suspend or unsuspend user account
You can suspend the account at any time for any suspicious activity or failure to pay for the services. Unsuspending the account is simple when required.
Soft Delete or hard delete user account
Delete the account and keep the associated data by soft deleting the account or permanently delete the account and its associated data by hard deleting the user account.
Force delete or restore user account
Restore the soft-deleted user account and its associated data at any time or permanently delete the soft-deleted account by using the force delete feature.
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