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Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Design with ease using Drag & Drop Builder - no coding required!

Choose from hundreds of flexible template modules to create visually enhanced, responsive email campaigns in no time. The drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create visually stunning email campaigns in no time at all. Edit every component of the pre-designed template, resize text, change the colors, add extra images, and much more within seconds.

Unleash your creativity with a limitless HTML campaign builder

Expand the spectrum of imagination and creativity to make a captivating layout with an HTML campaign builder. This can help draw the attention of recipients and get them hooked on the brand. In addition, it drives greater engagement and conversions!

Generate more unique content with spintags

Rotating content is a great way to keep your email new. By using the Spintag feature, you can add variations to your content, making it unique and interesting. This is a great way to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Media gallery to keep the assets organized

Keep the digital assets like images, videos, files, etc organized within the media gallery that can be used while designing your broadcasts and drips.
Instantaneously broadcast scheduling
Have an opportunity to schedule the broadcasts instantly without having to wait for the previous queues to get finished. Mumara supports parallel processes and handles them wisely.
Schedule the campaigns ahead of time and do the future tasks today
Planning to schedule the broadcasts for a later time? Schedule them now for the future time and never break a sweat. No need to keep a check once the campaign is scheduled. Start working on your next tasks.
Reschedule an already sent broadcast
Sometimes it’s super boring to schedule a broadcast from the scratch, especially when it’s being done by Arfan who works at our office. Just reschedule the pre-sent campaign and feel free from the worry of doing it all over again or making mistakes.
Maximize the deliverability by throttling the email sending speed
You ought to have a check on your email transmission speed to enhance your email deliverability. Mumara lets you monitor the sending speed and throttle it according to the circumstances and best deliverability practices.
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