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It's about time that you can stop wasting on managing your contacts manually. Mumara Campaigns automates the process of segmenting your email list based on defined criteria.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Segment the contacts based on their engagement levels

Discard the utility of categorizing contact lists manually and automating the process with Mumara Campaigns. Sort your data with Mumara's sophisticated statistical sense by creating segments based on how the recipient has reacted to a message: opened or clicked it. Maintain on sending them contents according to their tastes.

Segment the contacts based on their profile information

Create a segment for the contact lists on the basis of the common characteristics of your contact's info and send them content that will be unique for maximum return. Because this uses personalized emails, your receipts reach the people who deserve them.

Create a target market based on the demographics

Having insight into the demographics of the clientele can allow you to better plan tailored content. Demographic segmentation is a tool that finds contact info and segments the contacts into different age groups, genders, and interests. Use these factors to set distinct communications throughout the campaign.

Segmentation based on the operating system and browser of the previously engaged contacts

The browser and OS-based Segmentation will identify segments in which users, who click on links in the email from specific browsers and operating systems, participate.

Make a segment based on the subscription/confirmation status

Creating a segment to send a subscription confirmation email to those without a record of subscriptions is likely a good move if you want to contact all these individuals.

Opportunity to export a segment

It is also possible to export a segment to a CSV file, which includes a choice to add chosen fields of these contacts by selecting from fields, statistics, and advertisement data points. Moreover, changing the order of the spreadsheet columns is possible.

Copy/move a segment to a contact list

Mumara lets you copy or move segmented contacts to a contact list in a fast and straightforward manner. Don't worry that the duplicate contacts are kept as you can update, skip, or overwrite them during the execution.
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