Bounced Collection and Processing

Setup your account to connect and access the bounce to email account responsible for collecting bounce emails. Get the emails collected by bounce to email account automatically processed as hard or soft bounce within the lists.

Direct from PowerMTA logs

For the folks using PowerMTA as sending server, Mumara Campaigns offers advanced method of processing bounces directly from the PowerMTA logs. Instead of taking the long way to connect to the bounce server, it uses PowerMTA directives to connect to the logs and process the bounces within the lists. It eventually saves time and keeps the process flawless.

Custom Categorization of Bounces

Bounce is classified into two categories mainly, Soft as momentary delivery error and Hard bounced as permanently delivery issues. Since ISPs tend to return the bounce report in somewhat unique way, different than the others in expressing the bounce codes. Mumara Campaigns enables you to put forward your own rules to classify the bounces as hard and soft according to the codes and error it returned with. The accurate categorization helps remediate bounces.

FBL Processing

As an important part of best email practices to be followed by a sender, Mumara Campaigns offers a seamless mechanism of interpreting the FBL information from the folder/mailbox dedicated to collect spam reports. Implement Feedback Loops of all major ISPs for the routing of spam reports to specific folder or mailbox, setup FBL processor account with Mumara Campaigns to access this folder/mailbox and automatically translate and process FBL emails.

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