Auto Follow-ups & Drip Marketing Campaigns

Mumara Campaigns helps you retain the leads by keeping auto follow-up mechanism in place. Automate customer journey from the very first interaction with your recipient to the time your lead converts into a sale. The dripping of your campaign was never that easy to configure as Mumara Campaigns has made it by refining the tedious part of automation.

Autoresponder & Autoresponder Groups

The process of creating follow-up emails is easy supported by a well knitted course of actions. Create series of autoresponder emails each with separate sending criteria and sending interval. Connect your workflow with an autoresponder group that carries sending preferences. Make use of events such as “Subscriber is added to List” to automatically trigger actions like “Start a Group of Autoresponders” or “Stop a Group of Autoresponders” etc.

Event based Triggers

A good range of actions are available at your disposal to setup and automatically trigger list of actions. These event based trigger actions help you reinforce the customer loyalty by celebrating momentous events such as their birthdays, encourage them for additional purchase by offering them special discount offer right on the anniversary of subscription date, engage them according to the lifecycle stage (When Field Value is Changed), and explore number of other possibilities in regard to email marketing automation.
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Setup Evergreen Campaigns

Keep the recipient attention intact, by sending them the content that would stay relevant for longer time. Function of the Evergreen Campaign would help you manage the evergreen content that you repeatedly want to send to your contacts, setup frequency to repeat the sending process after hours, days, weeks or months etc.

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