Insert Custom Header Values

Mumara Campaigns gives you this ability to insert custom values to your email header in addition to the standard routing information. Largely known customized headers values are the ones that are implemented to define the confidentiality of privacy of the email, Read Receipt to, List Unsubscribe, higher priority (X-priority) of email and such.

Global Headers

With Mumara Campaigns, you can setup customized header values to operate globally. Once the global value is defined for the customized header, each campaign will carry this value in the email header, regardless of specific campaign option. Values that the sender wants every campaign to carry are likely the ones that are made part of global headers.

Dynamically Control Custom Headers

Apart from the global header option, Mumara Campaigns offers you the ability to define rules and dynamically add the custom header at the moment of send. The rules can be defined based on Contact’s Email Address, based on Contact List or List group, specific Campaign or Campaign Group and also based on SMTP or SMTP group. System will dynamically Add a Custom Header upon meeting the preset rule.

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