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Dashboard Statistics

Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Keep an eye on the live events

Stay notified of the live engagements going e.g. someone opening your email, clicking on a link, unsubscribing from your mailing list, new subscribers, and so on.

Stay updated with a real-time sending chart

Review the sending graph visible on the dashboard and look into the real-time sending chart for the whole system, or a specific user.

Segregate the sending stats view

Separate the data view by days, months, or years and look at the number of messages sent, delivered, failed, spammed, clicked, or opened.

Know the top recipient domains

Mumara makes it simple to seek out a top recipient domain by observing the graph displayed on the main screen.

Top devices on which emails are being opened

Design and create an email marketing strategy by knowing the devices of the audience who open your emails. Design the emails look to be responsive to those devices.

Geographical analytics of the emails being opened

Mumara's heat map displays intuitive areas on the dashboard where the recipients of emails have opened them.
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