Sender & Contact Information

Every list can have a separate Sender Information batch, consisting of From Name, From Email and Reply to Email. And to keep all kind of information with regard to the contact, good numbers of fields that the industry commonly prefers to use (i.e. First Name, Last Name) are already incorporated into the built-in structure of Mumara Campaigns. Make easy selection of Custom fields from the list of all existing ones while you add a new list.

List or Tree
View & Grouping

Select the preferred view between tree or list view to display all contact lists & List groups. Grouping offers the ability to manage lists of similar type within one group. Later select and send a campaign to the contacts saved across all the lists within specific group. Use easy drag and drop function of Tree View to move lists from one group to another.

Adding Custom Fields

“Custom Field” function enables you to create the type of field you want and make it part of contact lists to hold contact information. It can be a date field to store the birthdays of contacts within list, radio buttons, simple text field, checkboxes, multiline text field and dropdown. Later you can add custom variables within the content to dynamically call the data from these fields.

Suppression List Management

Stop unwanted and invalid emails to destroy your sender reputation, such as spam traps, honey pots, emails belonging to specific domain or IP etc. Separately manage “Don’t Send to” lists of undesirable email addresses, destination IP networks and domains. Suppress globally or with an affect over a specific list only, and system will accordingly omit these suppressed resources while sending of your campaigns.

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