Persistent or Non-Persistent Connection

Establish a persistent SMTP connection to keep SMTP alive until a batch of emails is finished, a great option for high volume delivery. Send in loops by closing SMTP connection soon after sending an email and opening a new one for sending the next email. Best sequence to be followed during IP warming session.

Multiple Sending Domains

Select multiple domains to send your campaigns from. System automatically rotates the available domains for the contacts in the list. These are the sending domains that you can add by setting up corresponding email authentications.

Multiple SMTPs/Sending Nodes

Connect to the SMTP server and add multiple SMTP accounts depending on your configuration. Or easily integrate with mail service provider of your choice like Amazon SES and others. Later select multiple SMTP accounts/Sending Nodes for the sending your campaign.

From Information

Manage Sender Information (From name, from email, reply to email) aka From info at multiple levels, while creating a list or setting up SMTP account/Sending node. Later while sending a campaign, select the desired sender info batch. Or even provide new custom sender info before you kick start sending process, from info separate from what’s saved with List or SMTP.

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