SendGrid Integrated

SendGrid is probably considered the market leader especially when it comes to transactional emails. The high sender reputation and detailed analytics make it equally valuable choice even for the marketing emails. Mumara Campaigns has integrated SendGrid for you to get the benefit of SendGrid’s high deliverability rates. Connect the Sending Node by providing your account details, and kick start sending your emails direct to recipient’s inbox.

Mailgun Integrated

Mailgun is known for its cloud managed service claiming to deliver your emails at express speed. Since Mailgun is primarily considered a service for developers due to its technicalities, Mumara Campaigns has made it quite simple for the non-technical users. We’ve integrated the Mailgun API by taking all technical details into consideration. Get your Mailgun account connected with Mumara Campaigns sending node, and effortlessly send sizeable amount of emails.

Amazon SES

Amazon SES is globally accepted mail services, well-recognized for the economy they offer to use their cloud platform, large majority of clients prefer to pay only what they use, and it is where AmazonSES remains the best choice. Enterprise-grade features of Mumara Campaigns together with the spot-on delivery of AmazonSES can help you manage probably the most cost effective and reliable email sending solution. Connect to your Amazon account, and get started without having to manage the technicalities.


SparkPost manages a reputation of an email delivery service for enterprises and developers. It is among one of the largely used services opted by non-spam email senders. If SparkPost is in your preferred sender list, let’s securely connect your SparkPost account with Mumara Campaigns Sending Node. All this would ask are few simple account details with a valid SparkPost API key, and you are good to send and scale your emails right from Mumara Campaigns interface without performing on technical grounds.

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