Configure PowerMTA Server

Setup, integrate and configure your system to send using commercial MTA provider PowerMTA known for its effectiveness, especially when it comes to high volume email delivery. Well-tune all levels of configuration, server level, domain and virtual MTA level. Setup multiple SMTP accounts depending on your configuration and resources.

Mail Service of Your Choice

Easily configure your system to connect with the desired mail relaying server, Mumara Campaigns offers ability to setup Sending Nodes using the services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun and others. You can select one or even all of available choices of mail services to configure your account with, later while sending you can select preferred sending node to process sending from it. Click to learn more about the available choices. Learn more

Pickup Directory/ Direct to SMTP

With Mumara Campaigns you can explore couple of options when it comes to use the mail sending function. Use pickup directory function to place the messages in, that the mail service will pick to process the outgoing messages. Direct to SMTP will use the built-in function to supply messages to the SMTP/Mail Service.

Independent Sending Operation

The ability of setting up multiple SMTP accounts enables you to Setup each SMTP account with separate sending domain and from information to perform sending operations independently.

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