Achieve maximum throughput

Utilizing the available resources/upstream bandwidth and achieving the maximum throughput. Multithreading function gives the ability to open up multiple threads in one unit of time and perform the sending operations for all the threads, simultaneously and independently without affecting the delivery of parallel threads. System keeps on working on a parallel thread while the other thread is on wait for the mail server (SMTP server) response. It keeps you covered from getting stuck for next high volume campaign.

Threads & Batches

Gives the ability to easily select the number of threads from global settings for multithreading, one can select from 1 to maximum 200 threads to work parallel and perform the sending activity. Setup batch size every thread is responsible to supply while executing parallel sending activity. One can setup maximum batch size of 500 emails per thread.

Separate Preference for Each Campaign

Apart from the parental controls and global preference for number of threads, One can separately select the number of threads for each campaign while setting it up for the sending process. This will help you to flexibly control the thread size according to the size of campaign.

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