Every Email Counts

It leaves you with exact count of total email sent, how many of the total sent has opened your email and out of the opened how many has clicked on the link within. What number of contacts resort to unsubscribe from the list to discontinue receiving further emails and what went wrong with the contacts that bounced back (Soft & Hard Bounces), everything that you need to know with regard to an email engagement campaign.

Geo Specific Reporting

A valuable part of reporting and performance tracking is to know which part of the world your campaigns are welcomed the most. Mumara Campaigns lets you learn the precise location of the campaign’s open, and clicked. It reveals geographical details such as Country, City, Region and Zip of the opens and clicks. It lets you set country based filter to view the opens or clicks from specific country only.

Domain Specific Performance & Summary

Mumara Campaigns offers domain based breakup to learn which domain/ISP (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) remains most promising in terms of open rate, and which one ranks low in the list to fix the delivery issues. Every campaign maintains a valuable summary consisting of information such as the time system started and finished sending, what is the exact percentage of opens, clicks, bounced and complaints for this campaign, how many threads were used to send the campaign and other useful information.

Largely Trusted by Digital Natives Worldwide

Companies and brands across the globe trusted Mumara to help them capitalize potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to expend their wings.

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