Type of Masking

You are being offered couple of options to conceal the identity of installation domain, and reveal a sending domain of your choice to the end-user. One can select the preferred type of masking between the two available. System assists you creating .htaccess configuration file to place it in the web root of the domain to mask. Or use the CNAME records in your DNS (Domain Name System) to specify that the installation domain is alias to the sending domain.

Setup Mail Authentications

Email authentications are among the technical measures that the ISPs have made mandatory in order to verify the legitimacy of the sender. Mumara Campaigns offers an easy to follow step by step process of creating mail authentication for the domains you add in the system for sending. Get the DKIM pair of public and private keys generated using Authentication Wizard, and get your domain configured for the SPF record to authenticate that the sending server is authorized to send on behalf of the specific Sending domain.

Multiple Sending Domains

Once added in your system, select multiple domains to send your campaign from. System has capability to automatically rotate the sending domains, when multiple domains are selected for sending. Connect one of the available sending domains with Sending Node/SMTP to virtually make it work like a separate sending unit, having its own Sending Domain and From information.

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