Segment by Engagement Level

Open & Click Filters

Filter contacts by their engagement level to devise more intelligent sending strategy. E.g. contacts that opened the initial email are more likely to be considered the favourable ones to reengage, the same way contacts with inactivity for couple of emails are to be categorized are the less engaged ones. You can use all the filtration options to separate out the group of your target.

Segment by

Segment opens and clicks that belong to certain geography you want to specifically target. Narrow down the filtration criteria to segment out opens and clicks by selecting the country, city and zip code of desired subset. Or segment contacts by their geographical details country, city, zip and others, as saved within additional or custom data fields.

Browser & OS Based Segmentation

Since more and more recipients are opening emails from mobile devices, these filtration options give ability to segment contacts opening or clicking emails from specific devices. Select OS from the list of operating systems to segment opens/clicks by specific OS (e.g. iPhone OS). Select specific browser to apply the filter and separate out contacts that have used specific browser to open the email or click the link within.


Explore the potential of demographic segmentation through Fields Filters. I.e. segment contacts by occupation, income, gender, age group, marital status, lifecycle stage and list of other possibilities, to draw in hyper-targeted demographic subset. Segment contacts based on information stored in the data fields (Additional/ Custom Fields). It can help you make demographic subsets/ groups based on purchase pattern etc.

Date & Specific Duration Based Options

Extremely handy for the people having their billing system integrated with Mumara Campaigns. All date fields will appear in a dropdown to define criteria and separate out specific contacts. E.g. Invoice Date is Due in specific number of hours, days or months. Segment by activity performed between specific time duration, e.g. contacts that opened email from Start duration (Date & Time) to End (Date & Time).

Segment by
Subscribers Status

Create new segment based on subscriber status within the selected list, e.g. separate out contacts with unconfirmed status to send them a confirmation email. And list of other options to create status based segments.

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