Define Criteria

The ability to create different variants of your campaign and then testing these variants in laboratory settings will help you generate significantly improved results. You can define the criteria to check different elements related to your campaign like subject line, content and such. The results it renders are easily comparable and actionable for sending the best performing variant.

Evaluate and Perform Actions

Easily put forward a percentage of contacts that will eventually receive the split test variants, and based on their response rate you will compare which variant is better to send. Couple of options to take the appropriate one after the test is being evaluated. Find better performing variant and update the results for you to compare which version you can eventually send to your contacts, or automatically send the better performing version to rest of contacts.

Time to Send

Upon selecting the option to evaluate the results and automatically send the better performing version to rest of the list. You can also select the appropriate time after which the better performing variant will automatically start sending. E.g. After 2 Hours, Days, Weeks etc.

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