Admin Staff Management

The admin staff management function of Mumara Campaigns is designed to balance the work burden of corporate clients and large companies. Where every department/individual is responsible of performing its tasks, like the Designers are required to just design the email templates and newsletters, while marketing team remains busy in marketing segmentation, creating drip campaigns, promotions and automate sales journey. Our built-in feature helps everyone to function independently without affecting the work of others.

Staff Roles

Access control groups for the administrator to define roles for the admin staff members with custom permissions and access level. If the administrator doesn’t want the designer to look into the work of marketers, he would setup a Staff Role with permission to access the features that would help him to design and setup campaigns. It is how administrator can setup different Staff Roles with custom access level.

Adding Staff Member

Simple process of filling out staff member details, and selecting an appropriate Staff Role to add the staff member in, once created by the admin, each staff member account can access, separately manage and perform the tasks that the admin has allowed it. Admin can anytime deactivate the staff member that would restrain the staff member from accessing the account.

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